2012 Electronic Cigarette New Year Sales

EverSmoke E CigThe New Year is upon us and over the past several years, it has been a popular time for consumers who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes to try out electronic cigarettes. As a result, a number of the top American e cigarette brands offer discounts or specials for shoppers looking to save some money when making their first starter kit purchase. The following are some of the top offers available to ElectronicCigarettesSale.net site visitors for the New Year.

2012 E Cig Sale – SouthBeach Smoke

SouthBeach Smoke has quickly become one of the leading U.S. electronic cigarette brands. For new shoppers who decide to make the shift to SouthBeach they can save 15% off of the Deluxe Starter kit with new SuperMax battery when using coupon code “SMOKEFAN” after liking the SouthBeach Smoke Facebook page. The Deluxe model is built with a 2-part design that combines the e cig battery component and the atomizer combined with the device cartridge which is disposable. The already rock-bottom priced premium model comes in at an industry leading $29.99 which is not eligible for the discount.

==== > South Beach Smoke Store

2012 E Cig Sale – Eversmoke

Eversmoke is a new e cig brand that has just hit the market over the past month. The company is based on south Florida and features a two-part electronic cigarette that has a signature glowing orange crystal tip which lights on each puff or inhalation by the user. The EverSmoke company gives shoppers 15% off of their Basic Starter Kit when using coupon code “ESMOKEFAN” after liking the Eversmoke Facebook page. When purchasing the EverSmoke Basic Starter kit, consumers will get:

1 x Lithium Ion Short Battery with the consumer’s choice of color and either a manual or automatic switch for the device.

1 x USB charger that will charge the device’s battery on any computer USB port.

1 x Portable Wall charger

1 x EverSmoke owner’s manual

5 x Nicotine cartridges with the consumer’s choice of strength and flavor.

=== > EverSmoke Store

2012 E Cig Sale – Green Smoke

To celebrate the New Year, Green Smoke is giving consumers a special 12% discount as we enter 2012 when using coupon code “12FOR12” at checkout. The discount is good on all Green Smoke starter kits, batteries, and cartomizers. The Green Smoke e cig brand is one of the established, American-based e cig brands and features a two-part electronic cigarette. When shoppers decide to purchase the Green Smoke starter kit, they receive:

1 x Short and 1 x Long rechargeable e cigarette batters.

1 x USB e cigarette

1 x Home Charger Kit (Includes both a USB charger and wall adapter).

2 x Packs of 5 e cig cartomizers (a total of 10 cartomizers (or cartridges)).

1 Long Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery

1 Short Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery

1 USB Cigarette

1 USB Home Charger Kit (USB charger & wall adapter)

2 Packs of FlavorMax™ Cartomizers (5 per Pack)

=== > Green Smoke Store

2012 E Cig Sale – The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig electronic cigarette company’s products are designed and engineering in California. For New Year’s, the company has announced that it is taking pre-orders on their new Safe Cig Blink product. The Blink was developed for Safe Cig consumers who are on the go and features a combined portable storage device and recharging unit for three additional refill cartridges. The portable unit is rated to recharge the device battery up to five times from your pocket. For those who prefer a traditional e cigarette starter kit, the company has released a newly engineering model that includes one battery and five refill cartridges. All Safe Cig products now have a 30 day money-back guarantee and product warranty.

=== > The Safe Cig Store

2012 E Cig Sale – V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs are another American-based electronic cigarette company that has quickly grown in popularity with vapor smokers. When consumers like the V2 Cigs fan page, they can save 10% off of any online store order when using coupon code V2FANPAGE. The V2 Cigs Economy kit is popular with new vapor smokers who want to try out vapor smoking. When purchasing the economy kit, shoppers will receive:

1 x V2 Cigs battery

10 x V2 Cigs cartridges

1 x USB and 1 x Wall charger (adaptor)

1 x V2 Cigs Users Manual

=== > V2 Cigs Store

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