Annual Cost Savings of Electronic Cigarettes vs Traditional Cigarettes

One of the most attractive aspects for traditional smokers considering making the shift to e cigs is the annual cost savings of electronic cigarettes vs traditional cigarettes. Depending on the state that you live in, it likely costs a pack-a-day smoker on the order of $200 to $400 a month to support their habit. Combined with the cost of just about everything continuing to rise, who can afford to throw away this much cash in a month?

How Much Money can You Save?

When you look at major e cigarette brands such as Green Smoke and Blu Cigs, the initial start-up cost of an electronic cigarette starter kit can be a bit intimidating to the average smoker. Although it does cost a lot up-front, one can typically get a decent starter kit from these or other e cig companies such as for less than the price of two cartons of cigarettes. With the price of a replacement cartridge typically running between 2-3 dollars a cartridge (a cartridge is roughly equivalent to a pack or pack and a half of smokes), then over the course of a few weeks you quickly see a return on your initial investment for making the switch to electronic cigarettes, and continue to realize these savings while you enjoy vapor smoking!

What if You Don’t Like E Cigarettes?

Most major e cigarette brands will offer you a money-back guarantee on their product if you just don’t like vaping, or if it doesn’t life up to the hype. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never tried an alternative brand of traditional smokes and been able to get my money back if I simply don’t like them! Now, if you still don’t want to fork out big money, a number of the major e cig companies also offer single, disposable e cigs that you buy for around $10. Although not cost effective, this can give you an idea if vapor smoking might be for you for a much lower entry price point.

Saving Money over the Long Haul

The basic math says that you will reduce your cost of smoking by making the shift to vapor in at least half if not more. If you choose an e cig brand that offers sales of cartridges in bulk, then you can save even more money per-cartridge once you settle on a brand, taste, and nicotine strength that best fits your needs. This also helps you avoid the annoying problem of running out of e cig cartridges without having replacements handy! Many people who have shifted to vapor smoking also find that they start using the product for a lesser amount of time than when smoking a full cigarette. You basically vape until your nicotine urge is fulfilled vice waiting until you have smoked a full cigarette! Regardless, taking into account the long-term impact on your finances that shifting to electronic cigarettes can have is something that all smokers should do!

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