Best Electronic Cigarette

I get asked by a lot of people about what electronic cigarette brand that I think is the “best” on the market or best for the new vapor smoker to try out. I’ve found that attempting to answer this question is similar to telling someone what the “best” car to buys is. It just depends…on a number of factors that are a little different for each individual. For example, for some smokers the best electronic cigarette is simply the cheapest model to try out like a free trial e cig offer. For others, the best e cigarette is the cheapest one that has a money-back guarantee, but charges you up-front for the starter kit. Once you get past the up-front price, the cost to refill the device, quality of vapor, and number of e liquid flavors available with a particiular electronic cigarette brand become the more important options for the consumer.

Best Money-Back Guaranteed E Cigarettes

#1 – South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette

The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette is still a relatively new brand on the e cig market. I’ve had them in the number one position on the site for a number of weeks now for one reason: they are one of the most inexpensive money-back guaranteed e cig products on the market that offer a two piece electronic cigarette. They still lag a tad behind Green Smoke in the customer service department, however, I have not received any serious complaints regarding the brand since we starting covering them on Electronic Cigarette Sale and they are worth trying out if you are new to vapor smoking.

#2 – Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke was the first brand of electronic cigarette covered on this website, and are one of the most well-known brands on the market. You pay a little more for their product than other brands, but they have a money-back guarantee, a high customer service reputation, and generally leave customers feeling satisfied. The brand is highly recommended to any new or existing vapor smoker.

#3 – V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette

One of the new, popular brands that we have been covering over the past few months is the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette. I think one of my favorite aspects about this company is that they really reward customers who buy in bulk. They offer both a 40 pack and an 80 pack of cartridge refills that run way left of two bucks a cartridge! Look for these guys to continue to build on their good reputation and become one of the e cig industry leaders.

V2 Electronic Cigarette Video

Best Free Trial Electronic Cigarettes

A number of consumers insist or prefer using a free trial product offer before putting out money on an electronic cigarette product. We cover a few free trial esmoke offers on this site. The common theme with all of them is that you have to read the small print when you place an order. After a given timeframe (varies slightly across each offer), you will have to cancel the order and/or return the product or you will be charged for the starter kit. That being said, many customers have been fully satisfied trying these offers out and our most two popular free trial offers are listed next.

#1 – E Cigs Brand Electronic Cigarette

The E-Cigs brand has been the most popular free trial e cig on the website for a while now. They cost $9.95 up-front to try out their product. If you like it, you will be billed for the starter kit after the trial period runs out. If you don’t like their kit, you have to return it and ensure you contact their customer service branch to inform them of your return action.

#2 – Direct Cig Electronic Cigarette

The newest free trial electronic cigarette to be covered on the website. It will cost you $4.95 to try out and has received positive feedback from thos who have tried out the product since we started covering it the other month. It is number 2 only due to its short timeframe on the site and may overtake the E-Cigs brand in popularity before we know it.

Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Volcano Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Volcano has the online answer to the X Hale O2 truly disposable electronic cigarette. It costs you just over $3.33 per e cig and is available in tobacco and menthol flavors. The difference with this disposable? You throw the entire thing away when its done! That’s right. No battery to keep, no maintenance, just toss the device. It will run you $9.99 for a 3 pack to try out.

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