Blu Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Review

The Blu Electronic Cigarette company has gone through great lengths over the past year to reinvent their product to one of the highest, quality vapor smoking experiences on the market. Blu has teamed up with U.S. E liquid manufacturer, Johnson Creek, to exclusively provide the smoke juice for their e cigarette cartridges sold by Blu. The new Blue electronic cigarette cartridges now combine the atomizer with the cartridge which you throw away when used up. This helps ensure you get one of the highest quality vapor smoking experiences available in the United States with the combination of the Blu cartridge with premium Johnson Creek smoke juice.

Blu Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Flavors

The Blu electronic cigarette cartridges are available in four flavors: Classic Tobacco, Java Jolt, Magnifient Menthol, and Cherry Crush.

Blu E Cig Cartridge Nicotine Levels

There are four nicotine strengths available for Blu e cigarette cartridges:

None, Full Flavored (16 MG), Light (12 MG), and Ultra Light (8 MG)

Blu Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Review

The new Blu electronic cigarette cartridges are rated at the equivalent to one packet of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The one-piece cartridge design provides you the maximum vapor possible, and provides a full flavor, strong taste with each puff or vape of the device. The cartridges are rated at approximately 250 puffs per cartridge.
The quality of vapor for the Blu cartridges since adopting Johnson Creek as their e liquid supplier is hard to beat. No worries about poor overseas quality with the smoke juice from Blu as the cartridges are all filled in Wisconsin by JC. Blu has also chosen to use the Red Oak formula from JC which does not contain propylene glycol as well.

Cost: 1 five pack of cartridges will cost you $12.00. if you buy 4 five packs, the five pack price reduces to $9.60 at the time of this writing making the per cartridge cost come in under $2 USD.

Overall, the new Blu cartridges are one of the best we’ve seen on the e cigs market and are highly recommended.

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