Blu Electronic Cigarettes Now Sold at The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix

Blu DisposableOriginally reported by, the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix is now selling e-cigarettes to guests who want to vapor smoke in the hotel. The hotel owner made the decision to start offering the Blue Disposable Electronic Cigarettes after getting tired of deep-cleaning guest rooms that have been smoked in and charging $250 smoking fees to guests who choose to ignore the hotel’s no-smoking policy.

What Type of Blu E Cigarttes Does the Clarendon Hotel Sell?

The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix sells the Menthol and Classic Tobacco flavor options for the Blue E Cigs Disposable electronic cigarettes. The Blu Disposable has the same signature Blue Tip LED that lights-up with each puff that the regular Blue electronic cigarette starter kit features, as well as features a unique one-piece construction. The one-piece model combines the electronic cigarette battery, atomizer, and cartridge in a one-piece construction that is designed to obtain the maximum vapor production and flavor possible. The unit is rated at up to 400 puffs and is equivalent to approximately one and a half packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes. There is no assembly required for the product which only requires an activation tab be pulled to start using. Additionally, the Blu Disposable features a silicone tip within the mouth piece to prevent leakage of the e liquid while also containing a single hole intake to maximize the resistance and draw for a true cigarette feel.

How Much Do Blu Disposables Cost?

Now if you aren’t planning on staying at the Carendon Hotel Phoenix any time soon, the new Blu Electronic Cigarette Disposables are available for $39.95 for a 4-pack from the online store. Blu offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, one year warranty, and free shipping on qualified offers to make the deal even sweeter. Additionally, Blu offers a Blu Cigs loyalty rewards program that gives customers credit for all purchases made, participation in surveys, and polls that can be used for additional discounts at the Blu online store.

Will the Clarendon Hotel Phoenix E Cigs Distribution Set a Trend?

Its really too early to tell, but its very possible that by the Clarendon Hotel now providing an electronic alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes that it may set a trend with other main-stream hotels. With smoking regulations continuing to become more and more stringent across the United States, and particularly west of the Mississippi River, providing e cigarettes as a low-cost option to traditional tobacco smoking to hotel consumers has potential for significant growth in the coming years.

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