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Electronic Cigarette Troubleshooting Guide

No matter what model of electronic cigarette that you use, there are a number of issues or problems that may arise which can be solved with some basic troubleshooting no matter how good the quality control program of the brand you are using is. E cig problems can occur due to a number of reasons […]

Electronic Cigarette Safety Cautions

Electronic cigarettes have become a widely popular alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes for adults. Despite the increase in popularity, there are a number of warnings and cautions that you need to observe in order to safely vape your new (or old ) electronic cigarette. By taking just a few prudent measures, you can enjoy your […]

Vapor Zone 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Vapor Zone is quickly becoming one of the most popular, new electronic cigarette brands on the market. The company is making news this year by being one of the first e cig companies to have a Super Bowl commercial! We don’t know at what point during the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks game the commercial […]

Electronic Cigarette Design Comparison: 2 Piece vs 3 Piece Design

Electronic cigarettes are becoming one of the most popular alternatives to traditional smoking to emerge on the marketplace in the past decade. Along with the popularity of e cigs, however, the number of product options to the consumer has grown over the past five years. One of the common design differences between brands is whether […]

Annual Cost Savings of Electronic Cigarettes vs Traditional Cigarettes

One of the most attractive aspects for traditional smokers considering making the shift to e cigs is the annual cost savings of electronic cigarettes vs traditional cigarettes. Depending on the state that you live in, it likely costs a pack-a-day smoker on the order of $200 to $400 a month to support their habit. Combined […]