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V2 Cigs E Liquid

V2 Cigs has quickly grown to be one of the largest electronic cigarette and accessories companies in the United States. Continuing to expand the products offered to their vapor smoking customers, the company now offers V2 Cigs E Liquid or V2 Cigs smoke juice for sale to those customers who prefer to refill their own […]

GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarette Battery Life

The GreenSmoke electronic cigarette is one of the more popular brands of e-cig on the market. GreenSmoke’s product is a two-piece construction with the two components consisting of the battery and e-cig cartridge. The cartridge contains the electronic cigarette’s atomizer and e juice which screws into the battery. When you buy the GreenSmoke e-cig, you […]

South Beach Smoke Holiday Sale

Black Friday has always been a big time for shoppers to visit brick and mortal stores. Cyber Monday was adopted several years ago (2005) as an alternative for those who prefer to shop on-line and get equivalent and sometimes better deals! As a result, South Beach Smoke has responded to customer demand and has a […]

Get Your Electronic Cigarette Cartridges Refilled

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refill Service

A common problem that arises for electronic cigarette users who like to refill their own electronic cigarette cartridges is having to find a secure place in the home to store their ejuice. Ejuice can be dangerous and even fatal for young children and pets if ingested directly. There are […]

V2 Cigs St. Patrick’s Day Sale

V2 Cigs has been one of the fastest growing companies featured on Electronic Cigarette Sale. Just in time for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the company is featuring a 25 % off sale on all menthol cartridges that is good for the entire day. Additionally, the company is now taking pre-orders on their new e cigarette […]