Electronic Cigarette Reviews – ePuffer Magnum Uno Disposable E Cig

EPuffer has done it again. One of the leading innovators of electronic cigarette technology in the market, ePuffer has just announced the release of their Magnum Uno disposable electronic cigarette. It is one of the first truly disposable electronic cigarettes to be released on the market. It is an extension of the ePuffer “Wand of […]

Electronic Cigarette Reviews – ePuffer Mini Electronic Pipe

ePuffer International, Inc. has been well known for their wide offering of electronic


cigarette, pipe, and cigar devices. They have now released a mini e-Pipe that is the miniature or miniature version of their popular electronic pipe device. The mini e-Pipe is more attractive for unisex use since its not as bulky as […]

Epuffer Valerian Root E Liquid Sleep Aid

ePuffer is one of the first electronic cigarette companies to offer a valerian root e liquid for you to use as a sleep aid. Valerian has been used as an alternative medicine for a long time to help cure insomnia and serve as a natural relaxant. Epuffer now offers a 30 ml bottle of e […]