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Green Smoke St. Patrick’s Day Sale

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette is one of the most established e cigaraette brands on the market. For St. Patrick’s Day, the company is giving customer’s 15% off of all Green Smoke starter kits, cartomizer 5-packs, and carrying cases using promotion code, POTOFGOLD at checkout (Note*** Just in that the 15 % discount will be […]

What’s the Cheapest Way to Try Out GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarettes?

Many smokers find themselves wanting to try out electronic cigarettes, but are scared off by the high prices of GreenSmoke e cig starter kits. This is despite the 30 day money back guarantee offered by GreenSmoke. Unlike Smoke Assassin, you will not find a significant number of complaints online regarding GreenSmoke failing to honor their […]

GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarette Battery Life

The GreenSmoke electronic cigarette is one of the more popular brands of e-cig on the market. GreenSmoke’s product is a two-piece construction with the two components consisting of the battery and e-cig cartridge. The cartridge contains the electronic cigarette’s atomizer and e juice which screws into the battery. When you buy the GreenSmoke e-cig, you […]

Go Green with Green Smoke

GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

If you currently smoke cigarettes, you should take some time and consider making the switch to GreenSmoke electronic cigarettes. Not only will you save money over the course of the year (sometimes to the tune of more than $2000 USD), but e cigs don’t contain the more than 4,000 […]

Green Smoke Super Bowl Contest

It seems like we just have a ton of Green Smoke news to put out today. That’s what you get with one of the best electronic cigarette companies on the market! Anyway, with the Super Bowl coming up, the Green Smoke folks are doing something a little different this year. They are running a no […]