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V2 Cigs Coupon July

V2 Cigs is offering their biggest sale of the year from July 2nd – July 4th offering 25 % off all products in the store. This 2 day sale is the largest discount offered across all major brands listed on Electronic Cigarette Sale and makes the cost of a V2 Cigs starter kit less than […]

V2 Cigs New Product Sale

The V2 Cigs company has had a busy spring! The brand recently announced a special 10% off sale to coincide with the release of several new V2 Cigs products. The V2 Cigs new product sale includes specials on: the new V2 Cigs Express Kit, the new Portable Charging Case (PCC), Portable Charging Case XL (PCC), […]

V2 Traveler Kit Review

One of the fastest growing electric cigarette brands in the United States is the V2 Cigs brand. The company has been on the American market since the summer of 2010 and offers a number of starter kits for new vapor smokers to choose from. One of the more popular kits is the V2 Traveler Kit. […]

V2 Electronic Cigarette Review

The V2 Electronic Cigarette is a relatively new product produced by the V2 company based out of Miami Beach, Florida. The company is owned by three ex-smokers who are committed to helping smokers find an alternative to traditional smoking through the vapor smoking products offered by V2. V2cigs only produces the maintenance-free, two-piece electronic cigarettes […]

V2 Cigs E Liquid

V2 Cigs has quickly grown to be one of the largest electronic cigarette and accessories companies in the United States. Continuing to expand the products offered to their vapor smoking customers, the company now offers V2 Cigs E Liquid or V2 Cigs smoke juice for sale to those customers who prefer to refill their own […]