Celebrity E Cigarette User – Katherine Heigl

Actress Katherine Heigl at the premiere of "27 Dresses"

Actress Katherine Heigl is one of the latest celebs to start vapor smoking. Photo used with permission from lukeford.net.

One of the questions that we get asked by smokers who are considering making the switch to vapor smoking is how mainstream the product is? In the past several years, the number of celebrities who have started vaping e cigarettes has slowly increased, with Katherin Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy fame on TV and star of the box office hits, Knocked Up and The Ugly Truth, is one of the latest celebs to start vapor smoking.

During a recent interview covering her work on the new film, Life as We Know It, Heigl took a drag on her fairly new electronic cigarette and asked those in the room if they minding if she used it. Ms. Heigl stated that she had started to use e cigarettes as a way to wean herself of of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes after her adoption of South Korean-born Nancy Leigh last year.

In Life as We Know It, Heigl plays a character, Holly Berenson, who is friends with a couple who get killed in a car wreck and leave behind their 1 year old as an orphan (Sophie). As a surprise to Holly, she is left as the baby’s guardian along with the handsome Eric Messler (played by Josh Duhamel) who are forced to work through mutual hate of each other to take care of the baby.

If you or a loved one are a current smoker who is looking for an alternative to cigarette smoking and just aren’t quite ready to give up the habit (or don’t care to do so), then trying out vapor smoking may be worth your time. New users of e cigarettes have found free trial e cigarette offers as a good way to try out the product to see if they like it. Others who don’t like free trial offers of any kind, find the South Beach Smoke starter kit as one of the less expensive options to try out vapor smoking.

***Since I wrote the original post, one of our readers pointed out this YouTube clip of Katherine Heigl sharing her vapor smoke with David Letterman on his show! Check it out. Pretty cool and surprising that Dave has not heard of vapor smoking til now!

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