Comparing Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes With Other Brands

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes have become one of the more popular brands of e-cigs on the market over the past year. Just like other electronic cigarette brands, Green Smoke e-cigs are designed to produce vapor smoke that tastes like a traditional cigarette, contains nicotine, but does not contain the more than 4,000 toxins found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. The following is a comparison of Green Smoke e-cigs with other brands on the market.

Electronic Cigarette Construction

Green Smoke E-Cigs:
-Are a 2 part design that screws into each other.
-Has a 1 step replacement method for replacing the e-cig cartridge.

-Contains an integrated atomizer with the disposable cartridge

-Nicotine pad is built into the e-cig cartridge so you don’t have to touch it and it doesn’t leak.

Other E-Cig Brands:

Have 3 ore more parts that have to be assembled.

Takes several steps to replace the cartridge.

Atomizer is not disposable and suffers from performance issues as it gets older

Nicotine pad has to be manually inserted into the e-cig, leaves residue on your fingers, and can leak.

Electronic Cigarette Look and Feel

Green Smoke E-Cigs:

Closely mimics the shape size and color of a traditional cigarette.

Texture of the e-cig is similar to a regular cigarette.

Has a LED at the tip of the e-cig that glows when inhaling

Vapor is strong and provides a deep breath of vapor that is similar to a traditional cigarette.

Other E-Cig Brands:

Are normally longer than a traditional cigarette and are different colors.

Feel like you are smoking a pen or electronic gadget.

LED on the tip of the E-Cig is weak if it glows at all.

Vapor can be weak and not look like a traditional cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Hygiene and Freshness

Green Smoke E-Cigs:

Every part of the e-cig that comes in contact with your mouth is replaced with each cartridge.

The freshness of the e-cig is maintained with the cartridge and atomizer replacement.

There are 9 flavors available for Green Smoke e-cig cartridges that are color coordinated to prevent confusion.

Other E-Cig Brands:

Atomizer is not disposable and the mouthpiece is reused which can allow bacteria to grow.

The longer you use the e-cig, the more residue is collected in the unit making the performance suffer with time.

Cartridges are not color coded and require assembly.

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