Did You Get Two Short Batteries with Your Green Smoke Starter Kit?

Hi, just another short post as we try to get customer concerns with various e cigarette products posted to help others. I tend to wait until I see or get passed a solution before making these posts. If you have a complaint with a product, then I ask that you pass to me via a comment or even better through our new e cigarette submit a review section of Electronic Cigarette Sale!

Green Smoke E Cigarette Issue

Anyway, an issue that some of you may have encountered either as a distributor or as a customer is:

You purchased Green Smoke Starter Kits that are advertised to deliver 1 long and 1 short Green Smoke battery. What you received was 2 short Green Smoke E Cigarette batteries.

How to Get Your Green Smoke Issue Solved

If this is the case, Green Smoke has confirmed that if you contact the Green Smoke customer service reps via the toll free number or email that they will exchange 1 short batter for 1 long battery if you have a legitimate complaint. This word comes from the head of Green Smoke e cigarette distribution, so if you are a distributor or a customer who is not satisfied, please file your complaint and let me know if you do not get satisfaction. Unlike many of the e cig companies out there, Green Smoke is willing to go the extra mile or step to ensure we’re all happy and or satisfied!

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