Direct E Cig Review

Direct E Cig

Direct E Cig

* Editors Note – The Direct E Cig offer is currently not available. Current ads will link to South Beach Smoke which is one of the top rated brands on the website available for consumers to try out. For those wanting a money-back guaranteed brand, South Beach Smoke is our currently recommended top offer on Electronic Cigarette Sale.

The Direct E Cig is one of the newest free trial electronic cigarette offers on the e cig market. The company has targetted their initial offer to current smokers who want to try out vapor smoking before buying. If you sign-up for their $4.95 free trial offer you will get a full starter kit with 10 cartridges of e juice that you can choose the nicotine strength for during your trial period.

What Do You Get When You Sign-Up for the Direct E Cig Offer?

When you sign up for the Direct E Cig free trial offer, you will get:

  • 1 Wall charger with the cord
  • 1 Atomizer for the e cigarette
  • 10 Cartridges that the company rates to being equivalent to a packet of traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • 1 5 volt long life battery which is rated to last longer than other e cigarette brand batteries.

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Direct E Cig E Liquid

The Direct E Cig company is one of the few vapor smoking products on the market that uses 100% American made smoke juice. The management of the Direct E Cig company have chosen to go this route in order to ensure that consumers are able to get the highest quality e juice for their vapor smoking products as possible. Normally when you check out an e cigarette company review, you will see that they “assemble” their products in the United States, however, if not explicitly called out, the smoke juice is likely produced in a foreign country which has raised quality concerns of the product(s) in several cases.

What Are the Advantages of the Direct E Cig?

First, the most popular aspect with consumers for the Direct E Cig is that it is one of the few free trial offers available on the market that is an American-made product. Secondly, for just the cost of shipping and handling, you can try out the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes for less than the cost of a packet of traditional tobacco cigarettes in most states! Also, the product does not produce second hand smoke, does not produce ash, does not produce heat so there is no fire risk, and there are no messy cigarette butts to worry about disposing of. Finally, if you make the shift to vapor smoking full-time from traditional tobacco cigarettes, you will save on order of almost $2K USD annually when compared to regular smokes.

Direct E Cig Free Trial

Direct E Cig Free Trial

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