Disposable Electronic Cigarette Review – Volcano Disposables

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Disposable electronic cigarettes have been one of the most sought after e cig devices by vapor smokers since the mid-2000’s. Unfortunately, there has not been a premium disposable e cigarette placed on the market that has met with widespread fanfare or positive comments. This might be about to change, however, with the Volcano disposable e cigarette recently released by the company.

What Do I Get With the Volcano Disposable E Cigarette?

The Volcano disposable electronic cigarette is available in both menthol and tobacco flavors. This e cig is unique in that it can be thrown away after use, and costs just over $3.33 per e cigarette. The Volcano disposables are available in both light (8MG) and full flavor (16 MG) nicotine strengths. What’s neat about the Volcano disposables is that they are completely disposable. Another neat feature with the Volcano disposables is that the menthol flavor comes with a green LED light while the tobacco disposables come with a red LED light. The Volcano disposables run $9.99 for a 3-pack, and you can get them cheaper if you buy the disposables in bulk.

What Are Common Complaints with Disposable E Cigarettes?

The Volcano disposable e cigarette is still fairly new, and I have not found a negative review on the product. This could be due to the quality of the device, but it could also just be due to how new it is. With other disposable e cigarettes, common complaints have revolved around the lack of consistent vapor, strength of the vapor smoke, and taste. So far, the disposable Volcano e smokes look to be beating this trend. If you have tried them out, let us know in the comments or in the submit an e cigarette review section of the site!

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1 comment to Disposable Electronic Cigarette Review – Volcano Disposables

  • Shoshana Wolf

    I have tried the premium e-cigarette and was terribly disappointed. Because the nearesttobacco shop only carries this one brand and I had developed asthma and needed to quit smoking, I kept buying them. The taste was excellent, but I seldom got the 3 pack equivalent the brand boasted.
    The store was fine with exchanging them until recently; I think they believe I am lying. Having work in quality control I set up my own experiment. I carefully counted the number of puffs on 20 cigarettes and the average number of puffs was only 227 – far lower than the 800 puffs the manufacturer boasted.

    I am ordering a starter kit online in hopes a system with liquid nicotine will do better. I am not sure but I think the problem with the disposal is the battery stops heating. The last one I bought did not deliver even one puff!

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