Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional tobacco smokes over the past five years. The first models of e cigarettes to be sold to the public once the devices started being offered in the United States and the U.K. Were three-piece designed e smokes that required the vapor smoker to conduct regular maintenance on the atomizer of the device. For those who are new to vapor smoking, the atomizer is the part of the e cigarette that vaporizes the e juice into the vapor mist that you inhale from the device. In the past few years, however, there have been two new categories of disposable electronic cigarettes to emerge on the market: 1 – Those with disposable atomizers and cartridges, and 2- Fully disposable e cigarettes.

What Are the Disadvantages of Traditional Electronic Cigarettes?

One of the primary complaints from consumers that started using vapor smoke when they were first introduced into the Western markets was that they required too much work to use the devices. You had to worry about cleaning the atomizer, remember how to put the things together, and pretty much carry a separate case to have all of the pieces and parts that you might need during the day to use the things. For some folks, this was just too much work to keep up vapor smoking and they would revert back to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

What Are the Advantages of a Disposable Electronic Cigarette?

Just a few years ago, the two-piece, disposable cartridge and atomizer e cigarette was adopted by the Green Smoke e cigarette company and shortly followed up by other brands such as South Beach Smoke. The disposable atomizer and cartridge eliminates the need for the vapor smoker to have to worry about pesky maintenance to keep the atomizer part of the e cig from clogging up ensuring a fresher vapor smoking experience. The partially disposable e cigarettes such as these, so far, have proven to be able to provide the most full vapor flavor and smoke across all brands.

Are There Any Fully Disposable E Cigarettes?

The short answer is yes, though there has yet to be a fully disposable e cig that has met widespread acceptance by the vapor smoking community. One of the best known, fully disposable e cigs to hit the market was the X Hale O2 model that can be found at 7 Eleven stores throughout the United States. Smokers that prefer a strong tobacco taste and demand a low-failure-rate product, however, have not really endorsed the X Hale model strongly. A new disposable model that is showing a lot of promise are the new Volcano Disposable E Cigarettes. The jury is still out on those, however, so if you have tried them out just let us know!

More recently V2 Cigs and Green Smoke have also released disposable electronic cigarettes that are also worth checking out.
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