Disposable Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke VaporsGreen Smoke is best known for their high-quality, two piece electronic cigarettes. A problem; however, for existing smokers considering making the switch to vapor smoking was the relatively high cost for the Green Smoke starter kits at the time. In order to help alleviate this problem, Green Smoke has recently released the new disposable Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette – Green Smoke Vapors.

What Are Green Smoke Vapors?

Green Smoke Vapors are sold in a 6 pack of pre-charged disposable electronic cigarettes. Each of the disposables is equivalent to 1.5 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes and the 6 pack costs $57.99 or about $9.67 per disposable e cig. The models are available in Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice flavors at a 1.8% nicotine strength. The models do not require any charging and are an inexpensive way to try out green smoke or expose one’s friends to vapor smoking.

What if You Like Green Smoke Vapors?

If you enjoy the disposable Green Smoke Vapors, there are a few choices open for the consumer. First, you can upgrade to the USB or newly renamed, U-Power Starter Kit for just $69.99, but have to vapor smoke while connected to a USB outlet on a computer or other capable device. The Express Kit comes in at $89.99 at the time of this writing and includes:

1 x Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery (your choice of long or short)

1 x pack of FlavorMax™ Cartomizers (5 cartomizers)

1 x USB E-Cigarette

1 x USB Home Charger Kit  (this includes both a USB adapter & wall adapter)

1 x Green Smoke® User Guide and Member Card

Green Smoke Vapors Pros

The release of Green Smoke Vapors was a long time in coming. For the first time, the company has a low-cost, disposable e cigarette option for consumers to try out before making the choice on switching to vapor smoking. Available in two flavors, both traditional menthol and regular cigarette users can try out the disposables at their convenience.

Green Smoke Vapors Cons

For power e cigarette users, only have two flavor options is probably the largest con associated with the new Green Smoke Vapors. Unlike the cost analysis for the Green Smoke Express or Ultimate starter kits, the cost per cigarette equivalent for the Green Smoke Vapors is a tad on the high side.

Disposable Green Smoke E Cigarette Summary

Overall, the release of the new Green Smoke Vapors is an excellent addition to the Green Smoke e cigarette inventory. Not intended as a long-term replacement for e cigarette starter kits, the device fills the intended purpose of giving consumers a less-risky choice to expose friends and family to vapor smoking.

View Green Smoke Vapors at the Store

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