E-9,E-8, and Three-piece Style Electronic Cigarette Compatibility Matrix

I know when I first got exposed to vapor smoking, the only thing that I new about between e cig models was the brand name and maybe the number of pieces the brand design had. Then, I started to surf various electronic cigarette forums and websites and discovered, what do you know, E-9 style designs are two piece constructions, E-8’s are two-piece mini-e cig designs with a smaller battery and overall size, and there are three piece designs. A lot of consumers that are new to vapor smoking have the same question as well as wanting to know if they can interchange various components or e liquid cartridges between two brands. The following is a summary of the information that I have at hand, and feel free to post a comment to correct or add additional useful information for the readers.

E-9 Electronic Cigarette Design (Two Piece)

Two-piece electronic cigarette designs are generally the most popular with new users of the e cig. They are generally easier to use, have disposable atomizers, and have almost zero maintenance for the user to keep up with. When you see the label, E-9, it refers to the thread pattern of the e cig (9mm) and that it is an electric cigarette.

Three Piece Design

The three-piece electronic design is typically more popular with the power or more experienced user of electronic cigarettes. The 3 piece design is 8mm and has a lighter weight battery. They do require atomizer maintenance to ensure the gunk that builds up over time from e liquid does not affect the flow of the vapor, but provides additional options for those who like to do their own e juice mixing and dripping.

What Are Some of the Brands that Sell E-9 Model E Cigs?

GreenSmoke – Green Smoke specializes in only providing a two-piece, E-9 style of electronic cigarette. One of the highest reputations in the e cig business with free shipping and specials on cartridges.

Fifty-One Electronic Cigarette – Available in a 10 day trial offer and comes with 6 e cig cartridges and if you choose to keep the product at the end of the trial period, a lifetime warranty.

Smoke 51 – Sells two different styles of electronic cigarette with one of them being the two piece design and is called the Duo by the company.

What Are Some of the Brands that Sell E-8 Model E cigarettes?

Some of the brands that sell the E-8 style of electronic cigarette include:

E Cigs Brand Electronic CigaretteE-8 style electronic cigarette that initially ships as a free trial electric cigarette for postage and handling for a 15 day trial.

Premium Electric Cigarettes – Their E-8 style e cig comes with unique battery colors, portable charging case, and the company also has electronic cigars for sale.

E-Cig E-8 Style – The original E-8 styled electronic cigarette with custom battery, cartridge, and light color choices. Produced and shipped from China.

Three Piece Design Electronic Cigarettes

Blue Electronic Cigarette – Popular starter brand for many new to vapor smoking. Comes with a charging case and USB charger for the E Cig.

Smoke 51 Trio – Starter kit coems with one additional nicotine cartridge unless you go ahead and order additional refills on your first purchase from the company.

Luci Electronic Cigarette – There are 4 variations of the starter kit available with various other accessories that you can purchase from their on-line store.

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