E-Cig FAQ’s

A lot of smokers and non-smokers lack a clear understanding about how electronic cigarettes work, how they are better for you than traditional tobacco cigarettes, and what exactly they are. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about electronic cigarettes.

How Does an E-Cig Work?

When you smoke an electronic cigarette, it is called “vaping”. The actual act of smoking an e-cig, is the same as a traditional tobacco cigarette, however, the process by which the vapor which contains nicotine is produced is much different. Electronic cigarettes make use of an atomizer which creates a vapor of the nicotine solution contained in the e-cig cartridge. When you inhale on the e-cig, a microprocessor activates an atomizer which creates a vapor from the contents of the cartridge that normally consist of nicotine, water, propylene glycol, and a flavoring agent. The vapor that is produced dissipates within seconds of being visible and has no smell.

Is an E-Cig Safer to Smoke Than Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes?

Traditional tobacco cigarettes have been tested and found to contain more than 4,000 toxins and carcinogens. Some of the nastier toxins include tar, benzene (found in gasoline), pesticides, and formaldehyde (an embalming chemical) to name a few. E-cigs do not have tar, don’t produce smoke, and the only reason the vapor mist can be seen is the propylene glycol solution that is included in order to give the smoker the look and feel of smoking. The end result is that you can enjoy smoking without ingesting the many dangerous chemicals found in traditional tobacco.

How Are Electronic Cigarettes Better for the Environment?

There is no cigarette butt or ash to worry about when smoking an electronic cigarette. No paper is required to make the cigarette wrapping, and there is no risk of fire when smoking an e-cig since there is no component which burns. Electronic cigarettes also do not produce second hand smoke or smell, so those around you are not placed at risk when smoking an electronic cigarette.

How Much Cheaper is it to Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

For a “Pack a day” smoker, shifting to electronic cigarettes can save you upwards of $1,100 USD or more a year depending on the brand of e-cig you choose.

Where Can I Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

It depends on local ordinances in your location, but at the time of this writing you can smoke an e-cig most anywhere since they do not produce second hand smoke. This includes bars, restaurants, and even sometimes airplanes (check first).

Do Electronic Cigarettes Contain as Much Nicotine as Traditional Smokes?

It depends. Most manufacturers produce selectable levels of nicotine for their cartridges ranging to the same dosage a cigarette has.

What Flavoring Options Are Their for Electronic Cigarettes?

It depends on the manufacturer, but most offer various flavors to include traditional tobacco, menthol, chocolate, vanilla, mint, coffee, and strawberry.

These are some of the more frequently asked questions about electronic cigarettes. Before choosing a product, ensure you read about the various manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and make an informed decision on your road to freeing yourself from traditional tobacco.
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