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Electronic cigarettes have significantly increased in popularity as an alternative to smoking since they were first invented in 2004. In case you haven’t read much about e cigarettes, they are an alternative to smoking that uses e liquid to create a vapor smoke that is inhaled which provides the nicotine, taste, and feel that smokers are used to with traditional smokes. The primary difference is that e cigarettes do not produce second hand smoke or combustion, and the vapor smoke created with the product does not contain tar or many of the toxins found in traditional tobacco smoke. Even better? Over the course of a year, if you purchase an e cigarette UK you will save more than £2,000 depending on the amount of traditional tobacco cigarettes that you smoke.

Where Can You Get E Cigarettes in the UK?

The Green Smoke e cigarette company is one of the few major e cig producers that targets both the American and UK audiences for sales of their vapor smoke products. Unlike other American assembled vapor smoke products, however, Green Smoke provides a UK-based option to their website that lets you purchase and receive orders in a timely manner in stead of having to wait a significant time-frame for shipping and delivery to come from the U. S. The other really nice aspect to the Green Smoke product is that the company gives you a 30 day money back guarantee in the event that you just don’t care for their product or want to try out a different company.

Green Smoke E Cigarette UK

When you order the Green Smoke e cigarette in the UK, you get the same product that you get if you order e smokes from the company in the United States or South Africa. The Green Smoke e cigarette comes in two pieces, the battery and the cartridge. Other brands of e smoke will try to sell you a three piece design, however, these require maintenance on the device atomizer where Green Smoke uses a disposable atomizer found in the cartridge that ensure you have the best quality experience with each new cartridge. Green Smoke cartridges are rated to last a minimum of 400 puffs for the average smoker which is equivalent to a pack or more of traditional smokes.

Green Smoke Starter Kit

The Green Smoke Starter Kit comes with everything that you need to get started Vapor smoking. The following are the Kit Contents:

Green Smoke Starter Kit UK

Green Smoke Starter Kit UK

1 USB Home Charger with Wall Adapter (100-240 VAC)

2 Lithium ion rechargeable batteries

5 Nicotine Cartridges (Tobacco Flavor is the Default, but you can change this to any cartridge flavor that you want)

1 Green Smoke E Cigarette Manual

The Green Smoke Starter kit is currently on sale for UK customers. Prices are:

Price: £85.00 £69.95

Green Smoke Love Birds Kit

The Green Smoke Love Birds Kit is designed for couples that smoke who want to try out vapor smoking. Every thing is doubled over the starter kit but the price is reduced a bit to help encouraged you both to start vapor smoking together. The Green Smoke Love Birds Kit UK comes with the following:

2 USB Home Chargers (USB and Wall adapter, 100-240 VAC)

4 Lithium ion rechargeable electric batteries

Green Smoke Love Birds UK

Green Smoke Love Birds UK

10 E Cigarette Cartridges ( You choose the flavors with your mate :))

2 Green Smoke E Cigarette Manuals

The Love Birds Kit is currently on sale for UK customers at a price of: £135.00

We are also happy to announce that UK visitors to this website can see an additional 10% off of their Green Smoke orders by using discount coupon, disc10-8454 at checkout.

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