Electronic Cigarette Design Comparison: 2 Piece vs 3 Piece Design

Electronic cigarettes are becoming one of the most popular alternatives to traditional smoking to emerge on the marketplace in the past decade. Along with the popularity of e cigs, however, the number of product options to the consumer has grown over the past five years. One of the common design differences between brands is whether or not the e cig is constructed in two or three overall pieces.

What Are the Components of an Electronic Cigarette?

Each design of electronic cigarette contains common design elements. These include an atomizer, a battery, a cartridge that contains e liquid, and in most cases a LED light the glows when you are vaping the e cig. When you inhale on the device, the atomizer will be activated and subsequently heats the e juice. Once the e juice is vaporized, the user inhales the vapor just like he or she would smoke a traditional tobacco cigarette. Unlike a traditional tobacco cigarette, however, the vapor does not contain tar or many of the harmful toxins found in traditional smokes.

The 2 Part Electronic Cigarette Design

The two piece design has become more popular amongst regular e cig users due to the elimination of maintenance requirements for the e cig. The GreenSmoke company produces one of the more popular two-piece designs that combines the atomizer with the e cig cartridge. When the cartridge is out of e juice, you throw it away and replace both the juice and atomizer with the next cartridge providing you with a clean atomizer that isn’t clogged with old e juice that can reduce overall smoke volume.

The 3 Part Electronic Cigarette Design

The 3 part e cig design comes with a separate atomizer that requires regular maintenance. In some 3 part/piece designs, the user has to slide the filter cartridge into the atomizer requiring significantly more time to load/reload your e cig to vape. On the other hand, power users of electronic cigarettes that like to make their own e liquid or purchase it separately find the 3 piece designs more powerful by being able to drip their e juice on the atomizer or controlling exactly how it is delivered to the unit. For the average e cig user, 3 piece designed units will eventually require atomizer replacement over the life of the unit. The 3 piece designed units are also a bit longer and sometimes thicker than 2 piece units which may not feed the needs of the user.

Ultimately, choosing a model of electronic cigarette is up to the consumer. For new vapor smokers, the 2 piece design eliminates the need to have to mess around with maintenance of the unit while you are just starting out learning how to vapor smoke.

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