Electronic Cigarette Review – Cigana E-Cigs

Cigana is an electronic cigarette company that promotes a line of e-cigs. The Cigana electronic cigarette looks and feels just like a traditional smoke while providing the nicotine that you are used to ingesting without the numerous toxins and carcinogens found in traditional tobacco. The Cigana e-cig also has the advantage of not producing any second hand smoke, smell, ash, or producing heat that could cause fire.

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How Do Cigana Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Cigana Electronic Cigarettes are battery-powered devices which use an atomizer that creates a vapor containing nicotine in a safe dosage to inhale. There is no smell produced with the vapor produced by the e-cig and eliminates the danger of second-hand smoke to those around you. The battery used in Cigana electronic cigarettes contains a lithium-ion battery that powers the heating element of the e-cig which is also known as an atomizer. When you inhale on the Cigana e-cig, the flow is detected by a built-in sensor which then activates the atomizer that heats the nicotine solution stored in the cartridge producing a vapor mist that is then inhaled. The Cigana e-cigs also have a light (LED) on the end of the electronic cigarette which lights up when you inhale on the device.

The electronic cigarette cartridge contains the atomizer as well as the liquid mixture which is vaporized for the smoker to inhale. The solution also contains a flavoring solution to provide the taste the smoker experiences when inhaling the vapor.

Cigana Electronic Cigarettes have two components:

Cigana Electronic Cigarette Flavors

The Cigana E-cig cartridge contains a disposable atomizer as well as the solution which is used to create the vapor the smoker inhales. The available flavors for Cigana cartridges are: Almond, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Light Tobacco, Regular Tobacco, Menthol, and Vanilla. There are also five different nicotine density levels to choose from with the Cigana cartridges which are: None (0 mg), Low (6 mg), Medium (11 mg), High (16 mg), and Extra High (24 mg).

Cigana Starter Kits

The standard Cigana starter kit comes with 2 batteries,  1 USB Charger, 1 wall adapter, 5 cartridges and an instruction manual at a starting cost of $149.99 USD.

In the event you would like to start at a lower-level kit, there is the USB Cig Starter Kit which contains 1 USB Cig Attachment and 5 cartridges. The USB cig has to plug in to your computer to use, but the starting cost is only $24.99 USD.

Why Use Cigana E-Cigs?

If you like Cigana e-cigs, you have the potential to save up to $2,000 – $3,600 USD a year if you smoke a pack a day. The equivalent cost of a pack equivalent for Cigana e-cigs is approximately $4.20 USD per packet.

Cigana Return & Replacement Policy

The Cigana electronic cigarette is available on a 30 day money back risk free guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your Cigana smoking experience, you can return the product for a complete refund. In order to obtain a “return authorization number, ” you will need to call the Cigana care hotline at 800-941-3392 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              800-941-3392      end_of_the_skype_highlighting to get approval for a refund.
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