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V2 Cigs - Smoke FREE.  Tar FREE. Odor FREE.  All the Satisfaction!Electronic Cigarette Sale is committed to bringing you the latest information regarding e cigarettes to include an electronic cigarette review on some of the leading industry brands and models on the market for those smokers who are looking to get started vapor smoking. One aspect of bringing you the latest deals, news, and information, is to make sure that you are aware of the current and latest consumer report news from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and their stance on e cigarettes so that you can make informed choices regarding vapor smoking.

The FDA and E Cigarettes

The official FDA stance on electronic cigarettes is that they are concerned as an organization about the overall safety of the products and how they get marketed to consumers. Specific FDA concerns include:

  • Due to lack of consistent quality control the products can contain ingredients that are known to be toxins for humans.
  • E Cigarettes show a great potential for increasing young people’s addiction to nicotine and could serve as a “gateway” to using traditional tobacco cigaretes.
  • Due to the lack of clinical studies that have been submitted to the FDA, the organization can not make an accurate assessment on the safety of the product or what dosage of nicotine is being inhaled by the user when using e cigarettes.
  • Many of the e cigarette products are available in “candy-like” flavors which appeal to children.
  • Tests completed by the FDA Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis of two brands showed that diethylene glycol and nitrosamines were found in the e cigarette e liquid of the foreign companies tested.

Consumer Reports on E Cigarettes

So, what can you do as a consumer to best research an electronic cigarette product that you are considering for purchase? First, is to check out relevant electronic cigarette reviews on potential brands you are looking at purchasing. Once you check out the reviews, visit the websites of the e cig companies that look like they may be a good choice for you to purchase. Many of the high-end electronic cigarette companies will post formal clinical testing results on the websites for you to download and view. One of the companies that posts all testing of their product for the public to view is the Green Smoke e cigarette company.

The Bottom Line? E Cigarettes have the potential to become an “approved” alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. For those who are not ready to kick the habit, they may prove to be the best next step to take as an alternative to traditional smokes.

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