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South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - Made In The USA E-Juice**** Please note that the Smoke Star offer is not currently available from our website. The offer has been redirected to an equivalent or better electronic cigarette offer that provides a 100% money back guarantee, South Beach Smoke.
Smoke Star is a new, modular-design  electronic cigarette that is available as a risk free, trial offer for you to try out vapor smoke before deciding to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Smoke Star delivers a vapor smoke that contains flavoring and nicotine atomized without the harmful ingredients found in regular cigarettes. Some brands of electronic cigarettes on the market do not contain nicotine in their e liquid which results in the smoker having to revert to traditional smokes many times to get his or her nicotine hit.

Advantages of Smoke Star Electronic Cigarettes

Smoke Star electronic cigarettes have several advantages over traditional smoking. First, if you shift to vapor smoking, or e cigs, you will eliminate the bad breath that comes with smoking cigarettes. You will also solve the problem of

staining your teeth with the tar found in traditional smokes while also eliminating the carbon monoxide that you have been inhaling while using smokes. There are no flames or fire associated with Smoke Star e cigs, so the danger of starting the next forest fire or even of burning your house down while falling asleep while smoking are eliminated. If you make the shift to Vapor smoke, they also cost significantly less saving you up to $1,000 USD per year or more depending on how much you regularly smoke.

What’s In a Smoke Star Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

The Smoke Star Starter Kit comes with the following components:

1 x reusable atomization device

6 x Tobacco or Menthol flavored nicotine cartridges

1 x wall charger with power cable

1 x User Manual (in English)

10 x Days to Try The Product

1 x Lifetime Replacement Warranty

1 x VIP Club Membership – Filter Refill program

When you order the Smoke Star Free Trial, you get 10 days to freely use the product before you’ll be charged. If you like the product, there is a lifetime replacement warranty on the product. Each of the nicotine cartridges for the Smoke Star e cig is equivalent to a pack of traditional smokes for a regular smoker.

How Much Can You Save By Switching to Smoke Star E Cigs?

If you smoke a pack a day at the national average cost of $5.00 per packet of cigarette, Smoke Star estimates that you will save approximately $1350 annually using their product. If you smoke more than a pack a day or live in a state with a higher cigarette tax, then your savings will increase.

Try Smoke Star E CIgs for Free

The cool thing about the Smoke Star trial offer is that you get six cartridges with the 10 day trial equivalent to approximately six packs of traditional smoke (You do have to pay shipping and handling charges of $10 USD with the offer). Unlike other e cig offers, you have a lifetime warranty on the product. If you don’t like smoke star, the company will let you cancel the trial within 10 days. If the Smoke Star brand is sold out or unavailable at the time of your trial order, the parent company Smoke 51, may send an alternative starter kit of equivalent value and quality for you to try out instead of making you wait for your order.

Should You Switch to Vapor Smoke?

If you are a smoker, then you should consider trying out vapor smoking an electronic cigarette such as Smoke Star. You will be able to vape your e cig in places currently restricted to you as a tobacco smoker, its healthier, and you aren’t spending more than a $100 to try out a product you may not find to be a good replacement for traditional smoking. Combined with the reduction in toxins that are found in traditional cigarettes, and there’s really not much for you to lose by trying out Smoke Star.

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  • Charlene Cline

    I purchased a Smoke Star electronic cigarette about nine months ago and need to buy additional cartridges. How do I just order new cartridges, because what I am seeing above is not like my Smoke Star charging unit?
    Thank you.

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