Electronic Cigarette Reviews – ePuffer Magnum Uno Disposable E Cig

EPuffer has done it again. One of the leading innovators of electronic cigarette technology in the market, ePuffer has just announced the release of their Magnum Uno disposable electronic cigarette. It is one of the first truly disposable electronic cigarettes to be released on the market. It is an extension of the ePuffer “Wand of Life” e cigarette lines that helps addresss many of the issues that prevent or keep traditional smokers from shifting to vapor smoking.

Magnum Uno Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Magnum Uno Disposable Electronic Cigarette

EPuffer Magnum Uno Description

The ePuffer Magnum Uno electronic cigarette is a pre-charged electronic cigarette that is readyy to smoke or “vape” as soon as you receive the box of e cigs in the mail. The Magnum Uno has a 3.6V lithium battery and contains enough e liquid for 500 puffs per cigarette. The Magnum Uno only weighs 15 gams and is 115 mm’s in legnth. The two flavors available with Magnum Uno e cigs are traditional tobacco and menthol flavors. The introductory proce for the Magnum Uno disposable electronic cigarette is $19.95 USD.

How Does the EPuffer Magnum Uno Disposable E Cig Work?

The Magnum Uno e cig does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, or the more than 4,000 toxins found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. When you vape the Magnum, the atomizer is activated by a microprocessor contained in the e cig which then injects drops of e liquid into the air flow that is heated to produce vapor mist that you inhale. Propylene Glycol is contained in the e juice which produces the visible vapor that you see when smoking the electronic cigarette. The tip of the Magnum also glows to give the visual look and feel of smoking a real cigarette without the harmful side effects.

Potential Advantages to the Disposable Electronic Cigarette

One of the complaints that some users of electronic cigarettes have is having to keep up with the atomizer and/or battery of their e cig and worrying about keeping the battery charged. With the Magnum Uno innovative design of all components being disposable, this is no longer a factor. The product is still new, however, so what we don’t know yet is if the flavor and length of time of the product hold up to the advertised # of puffs and quality of past ePuffer products. All indications are that it should and with a $19.95 starting price tag is not a large investment to try out.

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