Electronic Cigarette Rumors, Propaghanda, and Facts

Electronic cigarettes are so new, that they commonly get confused with the dangers associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some organizations have gone as far as to include vapor smokes with the same policies that cover tobacco usage. The following are some of the rumors and facts on common questions that arise regarding electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Rumors and Facts

Rumor:  E-cigs market and make nicotine available to non-smokers.
Fact:  Electronic cigarettes are only marketed to adults who are current smokers in order to get them to shift from traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. Consumers can more readily purchase products containing nicotine such as nicotine replacement therapies (NRT’s), tobacco cigarettes, and lozenges. Recent industry studies showed that 96% of e-cig customers were purchasing the product for themselves with 4% buying them for a friend or family member who smoked.

Rumor: E-Cigs are sold to children
Fact: Electronic cigarettes are targeted and sold only to adults of legal smoking age. The Electronic Cigarette Association helps ensure that electronic cigarette companies verify the age of consumers with the average consumer’s age being 44 years old. The high-starting price for e-cig kits is many times more than 100 dollars USD which does not make the product “kid friendly” if they were able to purchase the product.

Rumor:  Just like traditional cigarettes, the content of e-cigs is unknown
Fact:  Definitely not true. Unlike traditional tobacco companies who have kept their “recipes” secret, a number of studies have been conducted on the ingredients of electronic cigarettes. These studies have found that there are approximately 20 ingredients found in e-cigs that are generally found to be safe for human consumption. In comparison, traditional tobacco cigarettes have more than 4,000 toxins to include carbon monoxide, arsenic, and other carcinogens.

Rumor:  Smoking is on the decline and people can be forced to quit
Fact:  For the first time since 1965, smoking increased amongst adults in the United States in 2008. This is despite the legislative and educational efforts and significant increase in taxation on tobacco products. With this in mind, encouraging smokers to shift to a healthier alternative such as electronic cigarettes may prove to be a good compliment to the abstinence approach for smoking cessation.

:  Electronic cigarette companies target tween and teen users by offering a large number of flavors

:  The suggestion that the multiple favors offered in e-cig cartridges is a marketing effort towards children has no basis in fact. Electronic cigarette companies are committed to selling their products to smokers of legal age and do not market the product to an age-specific audience.

Rumor:  E-Cigs may not be marketed in the U.S.
:  The FDA has not issued formal guidance on the marketing of electronic cigarettes in the United States. Recent court rulings have found that the FDA did not have the authority to regulate electronic cigarettes. This could change in the future, but at the time of this writing had not.

Rumor: Nicotine will cause cancer
The Royal College of Physicians has found that there are not grounds to suspect long-term adverse affects on health from nicotine usage. It is highly addictive, but has been the addictive ingredient in traditional tobacco cigarettes that have adversely affected user’s health with the extra toxins and carcinogens found in those products.

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