Electronic Cigarette Terms for the New Vapor Smoker

As with any new technology, electronic cigarettes have a large number of terms that may or may not be intuitive for the average person to understand. The following is a listing of a number of the e-cig related terms that you will come across when reading about electronic cigarettes on the Internet or other news media. Where applicable, there is a link to amplifying information on Electronic Cigarette Sale if you desire additional information on the topic.

Electronic Cigarette Terms

Atomizer – The e-cig atomizer is screwed into the battery of the device. Depending on the model of electronic cigarette it may be combined with the cartridge or a separate piece of the e-cig. It is the component that heats the e liquid to produce vapor smoke.

Battery – The electronic cigarette battery powers the atomizer when you inhale on the electronic cigarette. E-cig batteries are normally lithium ion and come in various sizes. Most batteries now have a LED light that glows when you inhale on the e cig. There are manually activated battery models on the market, but the more popular ones are automatically activated.

Candy Oils: Many e liquids make use of candy oils to provide flavoring in their e liquid. Some companies avoid the use of candy oils in order to avoid using the oil component and other ingredients found in candy oil.

Cart: Short for an electronic cigarette cartridge.

Cartomizer – Slang for a combined atomizer and e-cig cartridge. Not originally designed to be refillable with e liquid, but many users do so.

Cartridge – The electronic cigarette cartridge is the piece that contains the e liquid that will be vaporized by the atomizer.

Dip (Dipping): One of the methods of refilling empty cartridges with e liquid. The dipping method entails dipping the atomizer into the e liquid to refill it.

Drip (Dripping): Dripping refers to the means by which you refill the cartridge of the e-cig. Unlike dipping, with dripping you are dropping 2-3 drops of e juice onto the atomizer bridge at a time that will then soak into the wick.

Electronic Cigarette – Produces vapor smoke from e liquid to deliver the flavor and nicotine normally found by using traditional tobacco cigarettes without the 4000+ carcinogens.

E-Cigarette (E Cigarette, Ecigarette, E Cig, ECig) – Another term or variation for the Electronic Cigarette.

E Liquid (E Juice, E-Juice, E-Liquid, ELiquid, eLiquid) – E liquid is the juice or liquid that is heated by the e-cig atomizer to produce vapor smoke for the consumer to inhale. Commonly found ingredients are Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, natural and artificial flavors, tobacco essential oil, tobacco absolute, citric acid, lemon, vinegar and water.

E-Smoke (E Smoke, ESmoke) – E-Smoke is a term used for the action of smoking the electronic cigarette.

FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) – You will see a lot of news related to the FDA’s opinions and actions with respect to electronic cigarettes.

flooding: flooding occurs when too much efluid is applied to the atomizer.

Leaking: This occurs when you put too much e-liquid on the atomizer which can then spill back on your mouth or leak into the battery and ruin it.

LED: a light that is located on the opposite end of e-cig battery that is activated during inhalation of the e-cig. It also serves as an indicator that the electronic cigarette is being used.

Love Birds Kit – Refers to the GreenSmoke special two-person kit that a couple can order to save money while shifting to vapor smoke products.

Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece of the e-cig looks like the traditional butt-end of a regular cigarette. It normally contains the wick and e juice.

Nicotine Level – The nicotine level is the amount of nicotine in your e-cig cartridge or bottle of e liquid normally measured in ml.

pen style: A common design of the e-cig that looks like a pen.

Personal Vaporizer – Personal Vaporizer is another term for electronic cigarette.

Propylene Glycol (PG)Propylene Glycol is used to produce the visual smoke or vapor created by an electronic cigarette. Propylene Glycol has been deemed generally safe to be used in medical products as well as food products for general consumption.

Smoke Juice – Smoke Juice is another term for e juice or e liquid.

Throat Hit – The term throat hit refers to the sensation that you feel on the back of your throat when inhaling your e cig. Normally, the greater the nicotine level in e liquid results in a greater throat hit.

Vaping – Another term for smoking an electronic cigarette.

Vapor – Vapor is what is produced by the atomizer when the E Liquid is turned from a liquid to a gas by the e-cig atomizer.

Vaporizer – A Vaporizer turns a liquid into a gas or a vapor. This is also another term used for the entire electronic cigarette or the atomizer component of the e-cig.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – Vegetable Glycerin is an alternative to Propylene Glycol and is sometimes used as the majority base in the E-Liquid. Vegetable Glycerin comes from the production of palm or coconut oils and is suitable to be used in sweeteners and in skin care products.

Wick – The wick is the poly substance or batting that fills the cartridge contained in the e-cig mouthpiece. It also holds the e liquid which is vaporized by the device.

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