Electronic Cigarette Troubleshooting Guide

No matter what model of electronic cigarette that you use, there are a number of issues or problems that may arise which can be solved with some basic troubleshooting no matter how good the quality control program of the brand you are using is. E cig problems can occur due to a number of reasons including: environmental changes, exposure to extreme high or low temperatures, electronic component failure, or excessive wear and tear on the e cig. This is not a comprehensive guide, and is general in nature. Your specific brand will have a help desk that you can contact for advanced information on troubleshooting your e smoke.

Electronic Cigarette Troubleshooting Guide and Information

E Cig Problem #1 – There Isn’t Enough Vapor Being Produced

If there is not enough vapor being produced by your e cigarette it can be due to a number of reasons. First, try checking that the battery is inserted in the correct direction and then try recharging or replacing the battery. If this doesn’t work, try changing the cartridge or adding some e juice to the cartridge if you are using a 3 piece designed electronic cigarette. If this doesn’t work, then try checking to see if you actually have too much e liquid in the unit (for a 3 piece design), but removing the cartridge and blowing from the other end of the unit to remove excess. Finally, some new users of vapor smoke will actually inhale too strongly which can reduce the amount of vapor generated. If this is your case, try taking shorter breaths when inhaling on the unit until you get the hang of vapor smoking.

E Cig Problem #2 – There Is No Vapor Being Produced

This can be due to a number of reasons. First, recharge or replace the battery. Next, you can try cleaning the battery contacts or slightly tightening ensuring the battery polarity is in the proper direction. If these fail, the switch in the e cig could be faulty which can be rectified by lightly tapping the unit. Of course the stupid check on this problem is to make sure that there is a cartridge with e juice inserted into the unit. Additional options include removing the cartridge from the unit and blowing into the other end or remove atomizer and clean out.

E Cig Problem #3 – The E Cig LED Light Is Flashing or Always On

Knock the unit softly to turn the switch off which is activating the LED light. If this does not work, then try blowing softly into the unit.

E Cig Problem #4 – The E Cig Remains Extremely Hot or Warm to the Touch After Use

This can be due to one of a couple of reasons. First, the battery could be inserted in the wrong direction. Verify and reverse the direction the battery is inserted into the unit if possible. It could also mean that the atomizer is bad requiring replacement.

E Cig Problem #5 – The E Cig USB Charger Light Does Not Change Condition

This can be either good or bad. On the good side, this can simply mean that the battery has been properly charged. Most e cig batteries will take 3-4 hours to charge and will turn green once they reach a full charge. On the bad side, there could be bad contacts which require a soft cloth to clean and you should take care not to over-tighten the unit when reconnecting. If the charger is good, then the battery may be bad. You can troubleshoot this by using one of your extra batteries to see if it works or not. Make sure you don’t plug the extra battery into the charger, however, as if the charging unit is faulty it could damage the battery.
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