Electronic Cigarettes vs Traditional Smoking: What’s the Difference?

There is an increasing amount if information on electronic cigarettes available on the Internet. Many electronic cigarette affiliate and direct sales sites pitch that vaping an e-cig is just like smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. While the two are very similar, there is enough of a difference, that you should temper your expectations before choosing to make the shift to vapor cigarettes.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Electronic Cigarette Ready to Smoke?

It depends. E cigs are a bit more complicated than the act of grabbing your lighter and pulling out a traditional cigarette to smoke. You have to make sure that you keep your electronic cigarette battery charged, have a cartridge with e liquid available, and have a means to carry the e-cig beyond sticking your battery and cartridges in your pocket. These are not obstacles that you can not overcome, but are worth mentioning. Many e cig users have found, for example, that it is prudent to have two or more batteries available in the event of your battery running out of charge while away from the home. You can also buy small carrying cases for your electronic cigarette products.

You Have to Plan Your E Cig Use

How so? Well, unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can’t just go to the local Mapco or 7-eleven and buy a pack of electronic cigarette cartridges when you run out of e liquid. You can buy new cartridges from most companies on a 1-2 day turn around, but that will do you no good if you are using a nicotine-blended e juice. The end result is you have to plan your e cig usage so that you do not either run out of cartridges or e juice. Some vaper smokers also go as far to have backups of all of the required components (battery charger, atomizer for brands that have a separate atomizer, cartridges, etc).

The Taste of an Electronic Cigarette is Similar but Different

E Cig companies do their best to mimic the taste and feel of a traditional cigarette with e cigs but it is different that the brand that you currently smoke. You can choose tobacco or menthol flavored cartridges and e juice from most companies, but the taste will not be exactly the same. You can think of it as being similar to switching brands of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some smokers find themselves reverting to traditional tobacco due to a false expectation of having the exact same flavor with an e-cig.

Electronic Cigarettes “May Be Healthier

We are no longer to say that E-Cigs “Are” healthier due to the ongoing politics associated with where e-cigs fit into today’s society. Most e cig companies do publish the ingredients found in their e liquid (unlike Big Tobacco), and when compared to testing done against traditional tobacco cigarettes, we know that e-cigs do not contain the Carbon Monoxide, tar, and more than 4,000 chemicals found in traditional smokes. There is ongoing debate on whether or not the propylene glycol found in e juice “could” be harmful to you if proper quality assurance and verification is not conducted by your e cig manufacturer. A sub-movement within the e smoking community is to purchase e liquid from reputable or U.S. Based companies. One of the larger electronic cigarette companies, GreenSmoke, has shifted to a U.S.-only manufacturer and there are a number of U.S. Based companies that sell e liquid produced in the United States.

No matter what decision you make regarding the usage of electronic cigarettes, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigs before you make the shift will ultimately help you have a more fulfilling experience.
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