Eluma E Cigarette Cartridge Review

Eluma The Eluma electronic cigarette has one of the cheapest refill cartridges available across all models of e cigarette. This is primarily due to the fact of the Eluma E Smoke being a three-piece design with the atomizer not being contained in the Eluma cartridge. The cartridges are rated to last between two and six months with a replacement cost of $9.95 when they fail. The length of use will also be dependent on the amount of usage.

Eluma Cartridge Flavors

Eluma cartridges are available in six flavors: Espresso Especial (New!), Vibrant Vanilla, Cherry Culmination, Cool Mint Menthol, Death By Chocolate, and Traditional Tobacco.

Eluma Cartridge Nicotine Levels

Similar to other e cigarette brands, the Eluma cartridges are available in four strengths of nicotine: 16 MG, 12 MG, 8 MG, and 0 MG.

Eluma Cartridge Review

Eluma cartridges are rated to last approximately the same duration as a single packet of traditional tobacco cigarettes for the average smoker. A pack of 25 Eluma cartridges runs $25.00 USD making it $1 USD per cartridge. The cheapest way to purchase Eluma cartridges is by ordering 4 cartons (100 cartridge) refills at one time for $80.00 USD which will save you 20% over the regular cartridge price making them .80 USD per refill.

There have been several complaints voiced recently about the Eluma customer service representatives not being as good as they have been in the past. Something to look out for, and we’ll post additional information as it is passed to us from other site visitors/consumers.

Eluma Espresso Cartridge

Eluma Espresso Cartridge

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