EPuffer – Electronic Cigarette, Cigar, and Pipe Review

Its no secret that traditional tobacco products are harmful to your health and contain a number of carcinogens and toxins that are detrimental to your health. In the past 5 years, electronic alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, cigars, and pipes have emerged that still deliver the taste, feel, and even nicotine that smokers are used to getting. EPuffer is one of the few companies on the market who produces all three products.

Why Use Electronic Cigarettes, Cigars, or Pipes?

The primary reason to consider shifting to the electronic version is that you do not inhale tar, carbon monoxide, or other cancer causing agents while still getting the same enjoyment from the product. The other “big” nice-to-have is there are no regulations on where you can use electronic cigarettes, pipes, or cigars! That’s right, no more going outside in the winter or during a big game to smoke when you can just “vape” away where you are.

The ePuffer Electronic Cigarette


EPuffer offers a mini and traditionally sized electronic cigarette. The pen-style model of the e-cig is considered to be


ePuffer Electronic Mini Starter Kit

ePuffer Electronic Mini Starter Kit


sturdy and heavy and produces a nice stream of vapor with decent battery life. For the more petite smoker, you will want to consider their “mini” option if you do a lot of walking and smoking. The taste of the ePuffer e-Cig is reported as being solid but the ordering to getting the product at your home may take extra time depending on your location. Lots of options to choose from if using ePuffer for your electronic cigarette solution.








The ePuffer Electronic Pipe


EPuffer Electronic Pipe

EPuffer Electronic Pipe


Electronic Pipes are gaining in popularity just like electronic cigarettes and cigars. More so even, because pipe and cigar smoke can be even less accepted than cigarettes in some locations throughout the world. When you use the ePuffer electronic pipe and inhale, the airflow is detected by the microprocessor contained in the pipe which actuates the atomizer. The atomizer then creates its vapor very similar to an e-cig through injecting droplets of liquid from the pipe cartridge that contain the flavoring, nicotine, and propylene glycol to create the vapor mist that you inhale. Everything is similar to a real pipe except the smell of smoke around you. Manufacturer: ePuffer Country: Canada Model(s): Electronic Pipe Price (per unit): $129.00 with 3 pipe cartridges Flavors: 4 (regular, mint, apple, cherry) Nicotine Level(s): 0mg, Low (.6mg), Mild (1.1 mg), High (1.6mg) Starter Kit: Contains: 1 electronic pipe, 1 a/c batter charger, 2 rechargeable batteries, 3 nicotine/flavor cartridges, 1 bonus 4 pack of cartridges, 1 instruction manual.


The  ePuffer Disposable Cigar


Electronic Cigars are gaining in popularity due to the reduction of toxins contained in the cigar compared to


ePuffer Electronic Cigar

ePuffer Electronic Cigar


traditional tobacco cigars as well as the ability of e-Cigars such as the ePuffer product to be smoked for a short while and reused later. The ePuffer Cohita will require you to push the mouthpiece into the cigar when you receive your kit. This will connect the e-Cigar battery and open the “built-in” cigar cartridge to permit the nicotine mix to enter the atomizer. Some users of the ePuffer report that it can take up to two hours for the atomizer to be fully saturated by the cartridge on first use of the product. The 16 mg level of nicotine may also prove to be less intense than that found in traditional cigars depending on your frequency of cigar smoking. The atomizer may also require you to take a few puffs in order to experience the full flavor of the cigar.




ePuffer  Disposable Cigar Specifics


Manufacturer: ePuffer Country: Canada Model(s): Cohita 1800 and 1800E Price (per unit): $29.00, $24.00 when purchased in a package of 5 Flavors: 1 Nicotine Level(s): 16 mg Draw Required: Medium Starter Kit: Contains 1 Cohita 1800 Electronic Cigar, 1 mouthpiece, and instructions for use.

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    I have experience w/ e-puffer. In my reserch it was the best product for me via price, performance, design & appearance. It lookes GREAT! nd when it arrives in working order it can be FABULOUS! Here are the issues that changed my mind 100%… Orders took min of 3 weeks to arrive & dur to poor packing they usually idn’t work… or didn’t work for long. If the co. had been interested in solving these issues, I might have stayed. THANKFULLY they didn’t & I ended up w/ the Lux… & it is more than I had begun to imagine in quality & soliod manufacturing! Plus it is Beautiful!!! Pretty crystal button & lasts longer than they say * as per my experience over 2 years. ENJOY SMOKING HEALTHY!

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