Epuffer Valerian Root E Liquid Sleep Aid

ePuffer is one of the first electronic cigarette companies to offer a valerian root e liquid for you to use as a sleep aid. Valerian has been used as an alternative medicine for a long time to help cure insomnia and serve as a natural relaxant. Epuffer now offers a 30 ml bottle of e liquid that contains valerian root extract as the main ingredient in the e juice.

How Has Valerian Root Traditionally Been Used?



Valerian is actually a perennial plant that was originally used by the ancient Greeks to treat digestive problems. It can be found in northern Asia, Europe, South Africa, and North America. As the root grows in age, it produces isovaleric acid in addition to the valernic acid found in the oils produced by the root. The root has also been used in Germany as a coffee substitute by German women and even perfume in the 16thcentury. Current uses of the root are primarily for curing or helping people suffering from insomnia.

Does Valerian Root Help Insomnia?

Valerian root has been tested and shown that it can decrease the amount of time to it takes people who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep. It acts on the nervous system and helps promote a sense of well-being and calmness in the user. It has also been used by herbalists to treat patients who suffer from tension headaches and even muscle pain. Since valerian is sold as a dietary supplement, it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

What Should I Not Do if Using the Valerian E Liquid?

You should make sure that you are not taking other sedatives when you use the valerian-based e liquid. It is considered a decent herbal choice to treat insomnia, but if you have a significant issue with sleeping, you should make sure to consult your physician. When you smoke valerian e liquid, you should also make sure to limit your total number of puffs to 30-40 puffs maximum within two hours of going to sleep or when feeling extremely stressed.

How Much E Liquid Do I Need?

Whether you purchase valerian e liquid or the traditional e juice, a 30 ml bottle of the e liquid will provide approximately 600 drops of liquid. It will take you approximately 4-5 drops of e liquid to refill an ePuffer cartridge which gives you around 150 refills per bottle of eLiquid. The company does recommend that you replace ePuffer cartridges after two refills in order to preserve the same taste as when the cartridge was new though.

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