EverSmoke Personal Charging Case

Eversmoke Personal Charging Case

Eversmoke Personal Charging Case

A common problem that arises for those who have made the switch to vapor smoking full-time is charging one’s electronic cigarette battery if on the go or away from the home or office a lot. The new EverSmoke e cigarette brand now helps solve this problem through the release of the EverSmoke Personal Charging Case. The freshly engineered case is shaped to mimic a traditional packet of cigarettes with one key difference – it can charge one’s e cig battery up to 4 times before requiring the case to be recharged. It also severs as a storage device with the ability to store both batteries and refill cartridges and fits into a slim pocket or purse.

Eversmoke Personal Charging Case Features?

The EverSmoke Personal Charging Case is designed to provide the most convenience possible for consumers who are looking to charge e cigarette batteries without having ready access to a computer’s USB port or electrical outlet. Rated at the same recharge rate as the EverSmoke Wall Charger, the new portable accessory is perfect for vapor smokers who keep an active lifestyle or end up staying away from the home a lot over the weekend. The case is sized to be similar to that of a traditional cigarette packet and is rated to provide up to 4 full battery charges before requiring charging itself.

More Features:

–          Contains an advanced cell designed specifically to not harm your electronic cigarette batteries (unlike some competing charging case products).

–          Displays a Battery Life LED to indicate the remaining charge.

–          Comes with a convenient interior case light and exterior flash light.

–          Ships with both a USB charging cable and wall charger.

–          Only designed to work with the Standard EverSmoke e cigarette battery.

–          Costs $49.99 at the time of this writing

How to Use the EverSmoke Personal Charging Case

You can really make it any easier than this. You charge the device. Then insert the EverSmoke battery into the charger. Remove the battery when you are ready to vape your e cig. No more having to worry about carrying around multiple batteries in your purse or shirt pocket if going out for an extended evening or overnight trip. If you are out long enough for the EverSmoke Charging Case to run out of juice, then your phone is likely dead by then too and its probably time to go home!

EverSmoke Ultimate Plus Starter Kit

Based on customer feedback, the new EverSmoke Personal Charging Case is now included with the EverSmoke Ultimate Plus Starter Kit. The Ultimate Plus Starter Kit ships with a 2-part e cigarette that combines the atomizer with the flavor cartridge that can be thrown away when empty. The cartridge makes use of the proprietary VaporMax technology that has been noted for producing a consistent, maximum vapor and eliminates the maintenance associated with separate atomizer units.

The EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit Ships with:

1 x Lithium Ion Standard Battery (consumer chooses color, and if it is a manual or automatic switch)

1 x Long Lithium Ion battery (1/3 more capacity)

1 x EverSmoke Personal Charging Case (only works with the Standard battery) and can hold up to 5 EverSmoke refill cartridges.

1 Portable Wall Charger

1 x USB charger and Car Charging adapter.

1 x Carrying Case

15 x Nicotine Cartridges (Equivalent to about 15 packets of traditional tobacco cigarettes)

1 x Owners manual

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