Green Smoke Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is one of the most popular e cigs on the market today. Besides producing a great product, the Green Smoke folks are known as having one of the most regarded customer service departments in the e cigarette industry. For this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Green Smoke is offering a straight 20 percent off sale on all products offered through their on-line store for both existing and new customers! If you have been waiting to try out vapor smoking or help a loved one get started with this popular alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, now is a great time to start! Just visit the Green Smoke on-line store and enter coupon code, BlackFriday (all one word) when you checkout to get 20% off of your Order!

Reasons Smokers have Switched to Green Smoke

Some of the reasons that smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes, and Green Smoke specifically as their preferred means to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes include:

  • No more stinky breath
  • No more ash or cigarette butts to deal with
  • Create less waste
  • Non-intrusive way to get an authentic smoking experience
  • Smoke more freely in almost any location
  • Significantly cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes
  • Produces no flame or fire
  • Does not produce offensive smoke

If you want to read more about the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette, you can check out our Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review! Don’t forget though, if you go to buy Green Smoke products, enter coupon code BlackFriday to get your 20% off this shopping Holiday!

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