Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Upgrades

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have emerged as one of the leading e cigarette brands over the past two years. In order to respond to customer demand, Green Smoke has upgraded their e cig cartridge product line to incorporate the latest desires for taste, bolder flavors, higher nicotine levels, and overall product enjoyment. At the time of this writing, the new Green Smoke cartridges are being phased into product deliveries over the next two weeks.

New Green Smoke E Cigarette Cartridges

Keeping up their reputation as one of the most open and transparent e cigarette companies, Green Smoke has directly responded to customer surveys that indicated consumers desired an increase nicotine level and new, bolder vapor smoke flavors to be offered with the Green Smoke cartridges. The following are the new cartridges being offered:

Absolute Tobacco

Absolute Tobacco is a re-designed tobacco flavor from Green Smoke. Many new adopters of e cigarette technology want to go with a more “timeless” taste of their e liquid that tastes similar to traditional tobacco. The new, Absolute Tobacco flavor is redesigned to give a fuller flavor for the vapor smoker.

Luxury Tobacco

The new Luxury Tobacco flavor provides a different tobacco flavor for those who have a picky throat. The new flavor is strong, but odorless.

Menthol Ice

Menthol Ice gives you a new way to hang out with your friends or fellow vapor smokers. The vapor has an icy flavor, and will help you chill out while enjoying the minty aroma to help clear your throat and your thoughts.

Vanilla Bean

This is one of the classic flavors that vapor smokers enjoy as you enjoy the taste of fresh vanilla beans. Whether you think of soft vanilla ice cream or a vanilla coke, many vapor smokers are finding the re-tooled vanilla bean flavor to be one of their favorites.


Enjoy the taste of a chocolate treat without the calories. A perfect compliment to other vapor smoke flavors to help you better enjoy the evening.


The new Green Smoke coffee flavored cartridge combines all of the coffee flavors from expresso, cappuccino, and latte into a single flavor. Help get yourself moving in the morning with this new vapor smoke flavor.


The new apple flavor helps vapor smokers keep from craving real cigarettes. Just like the taste of a green apple, but not with the full sweetness of a berry flavored e juice.


Gives you the feeling of  juicy strawberries with tiny seeds tickling your tongue and sugary pulp filling your mouth with every puff of their e j

uice. The sweet-tart berry treat is sure to turn into one of your favorite Green Smoke flavors.

Green Smoke E Cigarette Cartridges available to order now.

Green Smoke Cartridges

Green Smoke Cartridges

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