Green Smoke Halloween Kit

If you’re looking for one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market, then the Green Smoke Halloween Kit may be the optimum choice for you to make the shift to vapor smoking just in time for Halloween. For customers that order the Green Smoke E Cigarette Halloween Kit, they will see a discount of just under $25 on the kit.

What Do You Get in the Green Smoke Halloween Kit?

The Green Smoke Halloween Kit is the company’s primary featured premium e cigarette offering for Halloween. It comes with the following:

Green Smoke Halloween Kit

Green Smoke Halloween Kit

  • A Basic Green Smoke Starter Kit (includes a short (3.9 inches) and long (4.46 inches) battery and USB home charging kit)
  • 8MG Tobacco M Red Label
  • Carrying Case
  • *New Green Smoke Cartridge Variety Pack including All new cartridges as well as Absolute Tobacco (6MG and 8MG), Red Label 18 MG, Menthol Ice 12 MG, and Vanilla Dreams 8 MG

The new Green Smoke Halloween Kit is being sold at the discount price for $149.95 from a regular price of $173.70

More Information About the Green Smoke Halloween Kit

The Green Smoke Halloween kit has the same two-piece e cigarette design that the regular starter kit has which consist of the battery and the cartridge. The atomizer is built into the cartridge of the e cig and also contains the e liquid used to make the vapor you inhale when vaping an e cigarette. Each Green Smoke cartridge is rated to last between 110 and 180 puffs which is equivalent to a packet of traditional cigarettes for the average smoker. When the flavor starts becoming weak when you use a cartridge or starts to taste burnt, its time to change out the cartridge by unscrewing the old one and screwing a new one on. When the tip of the e smoke starts to blink, then its time to charge your battery.

The current models of Green Smoke e cigarettes take about 2-3 hours to charge. If you’re looking for a great deal to get started e smoking with one of the most reputable e cigarette companies on the market, the Green Smoke Halloween Kit may be the one for you to try out.

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