Green Smoke Holiday Gift Kit

Over the past year and change, the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette has been one of the most popular brands on the market. As the popularity of vapor smoking has grown, so has the number of smokers who have chosen to go green with their smoking habits! The Green Smoke folks have released a special product for the Holidays for new or existing vapor smokers called the Green Smoke Holiday Gift Kit.

What Do You Get With the Green Smoke Holiday Gift Kit?

When you make the choice to purchase the Green Smoke Holiday Kit, you don’t just get the basic starter kit. You also get an 8 flavor variety pack, a carrying case, and the entire package gift wrapped in a red box with a gold bow. All of this for just $149.95 (A $35 savings over retail price when you buy the same material from Green Smoke). The variety kit of e cigarette cartridges lets you pick between zero nicotine, ultra light, light, and full strength nicotine. Along with the starter kit, you get 5 additional cartomizers to the 8 that you get with the variety pack where you can pick the nicotine strength and flavor of the e juice.

Should You Buy the Green Smoke Holiday Kit As a Gift?

If you have a close friend or loved one who smokes, a popular gift over the Holiday season has been the Green Smoke starter kit. Not only are you going to saved your friend or loved one money over the long-term, but they will no longer have to worry about disposing of cigarette butts, or creating second hand smoke when they are vaping an e cigarette. If they don’t like the Green Smoke product, then you can feel comfortable that your money is secure with Green Smoke’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

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