Green Smoke Love Birds Kit Review

Green Smoke Love Birds KitThe Green Smoke Company is one of the few electronic cigarette brands than rewards couples for making the shift to vapor smoking together with the Green Smoke Love Birds Kit. Not only do both partners get to take advantage of the unique, two-piece electric cigarette design with a disposable atomizer together, but each person gets their very own device while saving a little money over buying two starter kits! For this Valentine’s Day, Green Smoke is entering couples for a chance at a free dinner if they make the choice to try out the Green Smoke Love Birds Kit. Similar to other Green Smoke Products, the Love Bird’s Kit comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the product.

What Do You Get in the Green Smoke Love Bird’s Kit?

The Green Smoke Valentine’s Day Starter Kit comes with the following:

2 x Long Battery (Can choose between a green or red glowing tip)

2 x Short Battery (Can choose between a green or red glowing tip)

2 x Intro Pack of cartomizers (assorted flavors to include Red Label 12 MG, Menthol Ice 12 MG, Vanilla Dreams 6 MG, and 2 x Absolute Tobacco 18 MG) or 10 x Nicotine Electric Cigarette Refills

2 x USB Home Charging Kits that can be pluged into any USB port or the wall to Charge the Device

2 x Green Smoke Electric Cigarette Manuals

Green Smoke Love Birds Kit

The Green Smoke Love Birds Kit has been carried as a special by the company for a while now. The Green Smoke folks have found that when both partners in a relationship smoke, they are more effective at making the shift to vapor smoking when doing it together. What better way, than to try out e cigarettes with the Green Smoke Love Birds Kit! The Green Smoke cartomizers are currently rated to last the equivalent of a packet of traditional tobacco cigarettes (or for 110 to 180 puffs), and the LED light at the end of the device will start to blink when the battery starts to run low on juice. When plugged up to charge the Green Smoke battery takes approximately two to three hours to recharge.

If you have been looking for an alternative as a couple to traditional cigarette smoking, the Green Smoke Love Birds Kit may be just the starter kit for you to try out. With a 30 day money-back guarantee, there is little risk to your pocketbook if you do not enjoy the product, and you’ll even get a chance at winning a free dinner if you decide to Go Gree with Green Smoke today.
Green Smoke

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