Green Smoke News

Green Smoke NewsThe following are some of the most recent news items with regards to Green Smoke products that you may or may not be aware of yet. Subject to change at the company’s discretion of course, but the information is provided to help answer some recurring questions that arise on Green Smoke products as well as to let you know about some of the new things and products coming out from the Green Smoke company!

Green Smoke Cartomizers

A couple of electronic cigarette news items on this front for you. In no particular order:

24 mg Cartomizers are Here Now:

  • That’s right. You can finally get the 24 mg cartomizers from Green Smoke. This strength of nicotine is available in Absolute Tobacco, Red Label, and Menthol flavors for now.

Apple and Strawberry Flavors Discontinued:

  • The company position is that these flavors were not popular so they were discontinued. The rumor mill says the state of California made the company (or highly encouraged them) to discontinue the flavors. Whichever is true, the bottom line is you cannot get these flavors from Green Smoke any longer.

State of California Restricts Green Smoke Cartomizer Flavors:

  • In response tot he California Attorney General’s concernt that other flavors appeal to minor children, the only cartomizer flavors available for Green Smoke customers in the state are tobacco and menthol flavors. The company is working on coming out with additional menthol and tobacco flavors to give them more options for enjoying their Green Smoke products.

Green Smoke Batteries

Green Smoke Pink Battery:

Green Smoke recently began offering the Green Smoke Pink Battery as an option with their starter kits or for purchasing individually. When you buy the pink battery, a percentage of the purchase will be donated to the breast cancer fight.

Upcoming Green Smoke Products

Green Smoke Charger Pack:

  • That’s right! Expect to see a company announcement regarding the product sometime in March. It should be pretty neat. Especially considering that although we have seen a fair bit of cartomizer innovation from the company over the past year, we have not seen a new kit released for a while.
  • Will let you store and recharge batteries while on the go away from your car, wall outlet, or computer.
  • Will store a few extra cartomizers.
  • Will likely support up to 5 to 7 recharges of the Green Smoke Battery
  • Will likely be launched with a new Green Smoke kit.

Green Smoke News

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