Green Smoke Pink Battery

Green Smoke Pink BatteryOne of the items that I’ve neglected to point out to vapor smoking fans and Green Smoke customers is that you now have the option to support breast cancer by purchasing a Green Smoke Pink Battery for your electric cigarette. The Green Smoke Pink battery finally gives Green Smoke users an option to the standard white battery that has traditionally been sold with the product. You can select the pink battery when purchasing a new Green Smoke starter kit or it can be purchased separately as either a spare battery or to become the primary one that you use with your Green Smoke product.

Are There any Differences with the Green Smoke Pink Battery?

The short answer is now. The only difference between the Green Smoke pink battery and the classic white battery is the color. When you purchase the the pink color, however, a percentage of your purchase will go towards the fight against breast cancer courtesy of the Green Smoke company.

Green Smoke Pink Battery Information/Features

  • The pink battery can be selected to light Red or Green.
  • It is designed to phelp balance the weight versus usage time to give you the optimal experience when using the battery.
  • It takes 2-3 hours for the battery to charge
  • The battery is made of Lithium ion which is similar to a watch battery
  • The battery will start blinking at the tip when its time to recharge it. You may also notice a diminishing amount of smoke from the device when the battery is running low on juice.
  • The battery will last between 4 and 24 hours depending on the rate of usage. A full charge should last at least for an entire cartomizer.
  • If you want to purchase the battery separately, it was running $49.95 at the time of this writing when purchased separately from a starter kit.
  • You can choose one pine and one white battery when buying a Green Smoke starter kit.

If you’re new to vapor smoking and want to help the fight against breast cancer just a little bit, then choose the Green Smoke pink battery when you checkout. If you are already a Green Smoke customer, then consider purchasing a pink battery to help the fight and to have a spare battery for when one of your current batteries finally lives out its useful life.

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