Green Smoke Tobacco Gold Cartomizer

Leading electronic cigarette company, Green Smoke, announces the release of the new Tobacco Gold cartomizer. The new flavor blend consists of a combination of three tobacco flavors to include Burley, Virginia, and Oriental. Former cigar smokers may be used to the combination of these flavors in fine cigars. This new flavor now represents one of the first times that these blends have been used as the flavoring ingredient in an electronic cigarette and is the most recent innovation to be released to the vapor smoking industry by Green Smoke.

What Other Green Smoke Cartomizer Flavors Are Available?


Tobacco Gold is only the most recent flavor to be released by the Green Smoke company. Other flavors available in the newly redesigned FlavorMax cartomizers include: Absolute Tobacco, Menhtol Ice, Mocha Mist, Red Label Tobacco, Smooth Chocolate, and Vanilla Dreams with Mocha Mist, Smooth Chocolate, and Vanilla Dreams not being available in the states of California, Oregon, and Nevada. The available nicotine strengths include zero, ultra light, light, full, and strong.

What’s So Different About the Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartomizers?

The newly re-engineered FlavorMax cartomizers by Green Smoke are designed to be longer lasting and provide up to 25% more vapor than the legacy Green Smoke cartomizers. The average person can now pull up to 360 puffs from each cartomizer which is rated to be equivalent to 1.5 packets of traditional smokes. The cartomizers ship triple sealed to ensure the consumer enjoys a fresher flavor.

Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartomizer Special

At the tiem of this writing, Green Smoke is continuing to run a FlavorMax Cartomizer special offer. If a shopper orders 4-7 5-packs, they are discounted by 10% to be only 15.29 each. If 8 or more 5-packs are ordered, the discount deepens to 20% off making the 5-packs only 13.59 each. Similar to other GreenSmoke products, all FlavorMax Cartomizers ship with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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