Green Smoke Valentine’s Day Kit Sale

Green SmokeGreen Smoke continues to be one of the leading electronic cigarette companies on the market. The company features a unique, two-piece e cigarette that has a disposable cartomizer which contains the atomizer and e liquid used to make the vapor smoke produced by the e cigarette. For this Valentine’s Day, Green Smoke is giving away two free boxes of cartomizers with their starter kits – Smooth Chocolate and Mocha Mist. Starter Kits ordered under the Valentine’s Day special can also be gift wrapped to give to your loved one while wrapping supplies last!

What Do You Get in the Green Smoke Valentine’s Day Starter Kit?

The Green Smoke Valentine’s Day Starter Kit comes with the following:

1 x Long Battery (Can choose between a green or red glowing tip)

1 x Short Battery (Can choose between a green or red glowing tip)

1 x Intro Pack of cartomizers (assorted flavors to include Red Label 12 MG, Menthol Ice 12 MG, Vanilla Dreams 6 MG, and 2 x Absolute Tobacco 18 MG)

1 x USB Home Charging Kit that can be pluged into any USB port or the wall to Charge the Device

1 x Green Smoke Electric Cigarette Manual

Green Smoke Starter Kit

The Green Smoke electric cigarette was one of the first brands in the United States to consist of only two parts. By having a deposable cartomizer, there is no atomizer maintenance with the device as seen with other brands, and there is no cleaning or maintenance required. The batter is designed to screw together with the cartomizer and then let you start vapor smoking. The Green Smoke cartomizers are rated to last between 110 and 180 puffs and the LED light at the end of the device will start blinking when it is time to recharge the battery which will take approximately two to three hours to accomplish.

If you or a loved one has been putting off trying out vapor smoking, now is as good a time as any to get started! Take advantage of the Green Smoke Valentine’s Day Kit special and pick up the two free boxes of Smooth Chocolate and Mocha Mist cartomizers by ordering before Valentine’s Day is over!

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