Have You Had Issues with Knight Sticks E Cigarettes?

Unfortunately, the Knight Sticks e cigarette company has failed to live up to expectations on many fronts which has made a number of consumers uneasy on trying out a free trial electronic cigarette. First, their product quality has been reported to be poor in recent months. I’ve included three of the top complaints from complaintsboard.com below as a reference for readers of this site. Now, I’m not one to not recommend a company based on a one-off or two-off complaint, but there are definitely more than 3 filed against this company.

Knight Sticks Poor Customer Service

In today’s market, if you are selling to the public, you have to have a decent customer service department. You can take more than a day to respond to complaints as long as YOU TAKE ACTION TO FIX. Remember, the customer is always right! Well, the Knight Sticks company has not followed the classic customer service formula, instead they respond with things such as “Sorry you exceeded the 10 day free trial offer” bit to try and convince consumers that they are not entitled to a refund on their monies spent on a crappy product.

What Should You Do if Not Satisfied With Knight Sticks E Cigarettes

First, I would advise you to not get too dismayed with your experience with this one company. There are a number of quality e cigarette companies out there who: 1 – Won’t sell you a crap product, 2- If you don’t like the product will actually refund your money, and 3- If you happen to get an inferior product will exchange for no charge!

On Electronic Cigarette Sale, I list the top products based on customer purchases from this site. I recommend you check out the reviews, and pick a new e cig product in your budget-range to try out to get over your bad experience with Knight Sticks! On a similar note, I am removing any links to the Knight Sticks company products from this site and no longer recommend anyone try their products. For those affiliate marketers out there, when I did recommend the product, I made a number of sales, but guess what? Yup, I have never received a dime from this company!!!!!! If you are a Knight Sticks employee, WTF!!!

If you are looking for a free trial electronic cigarette, then I recommend you look elsewhere to try before you buy!

Real Knight Sticks Customer Reviews

“I am very upset with this company and the way they handle their customers. I ordered the free trial they offered and paid $9.95 for shipping (it came in a first class envelope that weighed only a few ounces.) The way the offer read was very confusing. The product tasted awful and is bulky and hard to handle. I asked for a refund after my bank account was debited $99.09. I was told-no refunds after ten days from the day it was sent out. The woman I spoke with on the phone was rude and insulting. Her conversation sounded rehearsed.”
Actual user comment by Fu ai on complaintsboard.com

“Okay…I FINALLY got through to an IVR after an hour and a half of dialing the number. I got through and got a recording that their offices were closed and were open M-F 9a-8p EST…according to my watch it is only 7:30 EST! DON’T BUY THIS! It tastes HORRIBLE and is a total waste of money! This could be either a scam…or everyone has recognized Knight Stick’s epic levels of suck and are flooding their call center.”
Actual user comment by jmcalexander on complaintsboard.com

“i was so excited i got my knight stick in the mail today, and as i was reading your complaints i took a puff on it, not putting my lips around the filter but just up to it and took a puff, the vapor burned my top lip, they could seriously have a lawsuit on their hands if they dont start trying to keep people happy, especially me now, im already ready to send mine back and literally just opened it less than an hour ago.. if anyone else has this problem let me know…”
Actual user comment by Justin on complaintsboard.com

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