How Do You Use the South Beach Smoke E-Cig

Electronic cigarettes have recently taken the world by storm promising a healthier nicotine fix than paper cigarettes which include noxious chemicals such as carbon monoxide, carcinogens, tar, ash or tobacco. Users of South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes have all of the comfort of a nicotine based cigarette, the feeling of relaxation, the comfort of a cigarette shaped device in their hand, and none of the smell, smoke or poison of a paper cigarette.

Unlike opening a packet of paper cigarettes, electronic cigarettes need to be assembled before enjoying a smoke, however since the number of components is small, only three or four depending on the model of South Beach Smoke cigarette it doesn’t require much time and only needs to be done once when a fresh cartridge is used.

Unpacking the South Beach Smoke E Cigarette

SouthBeach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

SouthBeach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

Several starter kits of e-cigarette are available from South Beach Smoke, but the procedure for unpacking your kits is much the same for all. At a minimum there will be a battery, several cartridges, a wall charger,and in the case of the premium kit, an atomizer as well. For ease of use the Delux kit is preferred since all cartridges have their own built in atomizer for even easier use.

Before beginning, read the owner’s manual to understand your new South Beach Smoke cigarettes, then attach the battery to the wall charger and give the battery a full charging cycle. Even though the battery will have some charge in it from the factory this isn’t sufficient to fully enjoy using your e-cigarette the first time. Some electronic cigarettes ship with an empty cartridge to demonstrate the correct configuration.

Getting the SouthBeach Smoke Ready to Vape

Next, and making sure you are using a fresh unused cartridge, screw the cartridge clockwise into the thread on the battery compartment. With the premium model there is an additional step of attaching the atomizer to the battery before connecting the cartridge. All South Beach Smoke company cartridges are colored to resemble the orange filter part of a regular cigarette.

Once the cigarette battery is charged, and a fresh cartridge attached, there is no need to push a button to activate the cigarette, simply bring it to the lips as per normal and begin to inhale. The electronic chip will automatically detect air being sucked through the cigarette and ignite the atomizer. Vapor nicotine will instantly pass through the hole in the mouthpiece into your mouth.

Maintaining the SouthBeach Smoke E Cigarette

Maintaining your e-cigarette in good condition isn’t difficult, and will ensure ongoing enjoyment of smoking. With use the thread at the end of the battery can become dirty from pocket lint, greasy fingers, spillages etc. To clean, simply use a dry cloth wrapped around the thread.

To store your electronic cigarette, keep it in a pouch or smoking container, the plus kit from South Beach Smoke includes an attractive brushed steel container for one cigarette, a spare battery and several cartridges. If you’re not likely to use the cigarette for several days, unscrew the battery and cartridge just a little to preserve the charge in the battery.

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