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FDA Children Tobacco Warning

FDA Children Tobacco Warning

The U.S. FDA released 36 new, proposed warning labels for traditional tobacco cigarette labels today. Many of the images are pretty graphic are are made to cover at least half of a traditional packet of cigarettes surface area. The FDA’s intent is to help further reinforce the dangers of smoking with the new warning images vice the small-print text warnings that have been on cigarette packets for a while now. The labels can now be mandated from new authorities given to the FDA under U.S. legislation passed last year.

What Do Some of the Images Display?

We’ve included a few of the images in this article, but some of them portray a woman that holds a baby in a smoked filled room and a man smoking from a tracheostomy tube that is inserted into his throat. The U.S. Labels are not as graphic as many found in other countries that have adopted this more graphic approach to smoking deterrence for several years now even though the United States was the first country to require cigarette warning labels on their products. The U.S. FDA will accept the final 9 images from the proposed 36 in June before formalizing the ruling that will require cigarette manufacturers in the United States to display the new warnings by October 22nd, 2010.

What Are the Current Smoking Rates in the United States?

In recent year’s, non-smoking efforts in the United States have stalled a bit. Currently, 20.6 percent of U.S. Adults smoke (approximately 46.6 million people), with 3.4 million teenagers being smokers. Additionally, 1,000 teenagers and tweens become smokers every day with 4,000 teens trying smoking for the first time every day. Every year, however, 400,000 U.S. Citizens die from smoking related illnesses.

Should You Try Electronic Cigarettes?

There is still work to be done by the Federal Government in conjunction with the e cigarette industry to help determine the overall safety of the products. Despite this, the early indications are that e cigarettes are at least less harmful for smokers as an alternative than traditional tobacco cigarettes with real potential being in the fact that if proper quality control measures and testing practices are implemented that they can become an official smoking cessation aid or alternative to smoking as sanctioned by the government. Many consumers, however, are not waiting on this and are turning to e cigarettes as their smoking alternative today.

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