Is the Smoke Assassin Electronic Cigarette the Right Choice?

Over the past several years, many smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to using traditional tobacco cigarettes. The benefits of being able to use e cigs in more locations (depends on your state in the U.S. Or country if you live outside the U.S.), not having as many toxins and carcinogens as found in traditional tobacco, and the cost savings over traditional tobacco have been the major attractors to most consumers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of e cig products on the market which let down the consumer. One of those has been Smoke Assassin .

Why Does Smoke Assassin Disappoint the Consumer?

Two reasons really. The first is many smokers don’t realize that when they switch to vapor smoking the Smoke Assassin product that since it does not contain nicotine that they will suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The second is that many consumers have reported having difficulty on returning the product for their money back after not being able to stay off of traditional tobacco cigarettes when shifting to the Smoke Assassin product. Note, this is not everyone, but enough reports of these disappointments have been made that its worth knowing about before you make the choice to try or buy the Smoke Assassin product.

How Does Smoke Assassin Work?

The product’s stated goal is to try to give smokers an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes by providing a nicotine free product which helps fulfill the oral fixation of smoking. The Smoke Assassin e cig vaporizes the e juice contained in the e cig cartridge into a flavored vapor smoke that you inhale similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. The normal Smoke Assassin cartridge is rated to last for the same duration as 30 traditional smokes would for an average, pack-a-day smoker. The end of the smokeless cigarette will light-up to give you the appearance of smoking a traditional smoke.

How Much Does Smoke Assassin Cost?

Smoke Assassin was created as an electronic cigarette alternative. Its primary purpose is to help ween you off of both nicotine as well as the oral fixation smokers enjoy while smoking. The product makes use of a water vapor system that is intended to help break you of the habit of lighting a a cigarette. The product is made up of an atomizer, battery, and inhaler that takes a re-loadable cartridge which contains the flavor of a cigarette. A normal cartridge length of use will last equivalent to approximately 30 cigarettes. The electronic cigarette end glows to help you see that the electronic cigarette is turned on. Unlike other electronic cigarette products, the Smoke Assassin does not contain nicotine or tobacco, just the flavor of a cigarette.

What Does Smoke Assassin Cost?

Smoke Assassin is not cheap. It will cost you more than $150 USD for the equivalent of 10 packets of cigarettes along with their starter kit to get started with the product. Smoke Assassin will also add shipping and handling to your product order(s) as you go to check out with the company. They will also charge your credit card automatically when signing up for your initial period using the product. If you purchase the Smoke Assassin product and are not happy with it, their customer service phone number at the time of writing was, 1-800-604-9575.

What Other Electronic Cigarette Brands Can You Use in Place of Smoke Assassin?

If you are a smoker who wants to make the shift to vapor smoking a product with nicotine, some of the popular alternatives on the market include Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and V2 Cigs. Each of the companies has different advantages and potential drawbacks that require you to do some reading on the products before making the choice of which one you will use when making the shift to vapor smoking.

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