Labor Day Electronic Cigarette Sale

Labor Day weekend  is here and with it comes the first Saturday of the 2011 college football season. With the arrival of football season, many smokers find that they just can’t enjoy a traditional tobacco cigarette in the places that they are normally used to smoking while watching their favorite teams play. This includes bars, restaurants, and a number of college football stadiums with restrictive smoking policies. Now the usage of electronic cigarettes in these locations is based on local rules and ordinances, however, many localities permit vapor smoking where traditional smoking is not allowed. For those who want to take advantage of this flexibility, the major electronic cigarette brands are offering significant discounts on their vapor smoking products.

V2 Cigs Labor Day Sale

V2 Cigs is an increasingly popular U.S.-based e cigarette company. The brand features a two-piece electronic cigarette kit that is competitively priced. The company just announced a major sale for Labor Day offering 15% of all products sold in the V2 Cigs store. With the deep discounts offered for Labor Day, new vapor smokers can pick up a V2 Cigs Standard Kit for less than what two cartons of traditional smokes will cost during the sale.

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South Beach Smoke Labor Day Sale

South Beach Smoke offers the lowest priced e cigarette starter kit in the industry with their 3 piece Premium Kit priced at $29.99 when signing up for the South Beach Home Delivery program at checkout. The more popular starter kit for shoppers at South Beach Smoke is the Deluxe Kit that is priced at $49.99 and  includes the two piece model. Until the Labor Day Sale coupon code is released, shoppers can take advantage of the SUMMER11 summer sale discount during the Labor Day weekend to receive 10% off of all South Beach products with the exception of the Premium Starter Kit.

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Green Smoke Labor Day Sale

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette brand is running an across the board 15% off sale during Labor Day from August 31st through September 5th, 2011. The discounts include the new Green Smoke FlavoMax cartomizers, electronic cigarette starter kits, and replacement batteries. The Green Smoke brand was one of the pioneers of the 2-piece electronic cigarette design that eliminates the need for vapor smokers to manually refill their electronic cigarettes with e liquid.

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The Safe Cig Labor Day Sale

The Safe Cig is another popular two piece electronic cigarette brand. They have yet to announce a specific Labor Day sale, but will post details regarding on their website when the discount is available. The company now offers free U.S. shipping, a lifetime guarantee on their products, and free U.S. shipping.

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SouthBeachSmoke: Looks & Feels Like a Real Cigarette - But It's Not!

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