Make a Change this Fall with South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice
South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming one of the more popular e cigarette options for smokers who are making the choice to shift to vapor smoking. In case you haven’t been exposed to e cigarettes, they are a alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes that still delivers a similar flavor, taste, and nicotine but without the additives and toxins found in traditional smokes. One of the reasons that many smokers avoid trying to make the shift to vapor smoking is the large up-front cost of many major company’s starter kits, but South Beach Smoke takes this out of the equation for new vapor smokers with a low-up front cost to get started vapor smoking

How Much Does the South Beach Smoke E Cigarette Starter Kit Cost?

That depends. South Beach offers two starter kits for new vapor smokers depending on your budget and desires. The basic starter kit starts at a cost of $29.99 if you sign up for regular monthly refills of their e liquid, where for $20 more you can get the more popular two-piece deluxe, starter kit at $49.99 with free home delivery and subsequent deliveries of esmoke cartridges.

Make a Lifestyle Change this Fall with South Beach Smoke

If you are like many smokers, you have probably tried to quit smoking and failed (about 60% of current smokers have tried to quit at one point or more in their lives). This fall, you can try out one of the South Beach Smoke starter kits at less than a cost of a carton of traditional tobacco cigarettes in most states in time to take your new kit to your local Halloween party or to just enjoy during college or professional football games. Many localities will let you use your e cigarette where traditional smoking is banned since they do not produce second hand smoke and do not create combustion. Some locations due enforce similar “vaping” restrictions on e cigs, however, the product is designed to look and feel similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette and you will fit right in with the social crowd that you have been smoking around.

Get a Bonus Discount for this Fall

If you’re looking to save even more money on your initial South Beach Smoke starter kit, customers of Electronic Cigarette Sale can save an additional 10% buy using discount coupon code, DEL1010 at checkout. This code will work regardless if you sign up for the recurring home delivery program for e cig cartridge refills through the company.

Get More Info on South Beach Smoke

If you want to see additional information on the products offered by South Beach Smoke, you can find additional details in the South Beach Smoke review on this site or by visiting the South Beach homepage.
South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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