Memorial Day Electronic Cigarette Sale

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Look, Feel & Taste like the real thing, but they're not.Memorial Day has proven to be one of the most popular Holidays over the past two years for cigarette smokers to make the decision to shift to vapor smoking electronic cigarettes. As a result, the majority of major electronic cigarette companies such as V2 Cigs, EverSmoke, Green Smoke, and South Beach Smoke offer deep discounts and other special offers to coincide with the Holiday. If you or a loved one has been debating on when to make the shift to electronic cigarettes, buying a starter kit during the Memorial Day electronic cigarette sale period can be even more attractive than during other times of the year.

V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sale

V2 Cigs has quickly grown to be one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands on the market. For this year’s Memorial Day electronic cigarette sale, the company is now offering a one time sale of 20% off of all store products on Memorial Day. The V2 Cigs sale is good for all starter kits, flavor cartridges, V2 Platinum e liquid, V2 Disposables, and other accessories. As an added bonus for e cigarette shoppers, V2 has also brought back their highly popular $5 flat rate shipping option along with free shipping for all orders over $200.

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Green Smoke Memorial Day Specials

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are always a late announcer for Memorial Day specials. Consumers can expect that if the company follows suit with past year’s offers, they will be able to enjoy special offers that range between 15-20% off of Green Smoke Starter Kits for this year.

****Update, Green Smoke will be offering 15% off using coupon code MDAY2012

The company now offers free 2nd day FedEx shipping on all orders that exceed $200 in cost and a 30 day money back guarantee on all GreenSmoke products. For those looking to try out Green Smoke first before purchasing a starter kit, the company now offers new Green Smoke Disposables for $57.99

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EverSmoke Memorial Day Deals

For the company’s first Memorial Day electronic Cigarette Sale, EverSmoke has just announced a deep 25% discount on all starter kits. 5% of all proceeds from these sales will be donated to troops and their families. The EverSmoke e cigarette Basic Starter Kit is one of the more popular options consumers have purchased from the company and includes everything a smoker needs to start vapor smoking e cigarettes.

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South Beach Smoke Memorial Day Sales

South Beach Smoke is also offer Memorial Day specials this year. Similar to EverSmoke, the company is donating 5% of proceeds to benefit members of the Armed Forces and their families. The most popular South Beach Smoke starter kit, the Deluxe Starter Kit, can be purchased for $59.99 and features the two-piece e cigarette that eliminates atomizer maintenance on the part of the consumer.

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South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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