NJoy – Electronic Cigarette Review

Electronic Cigarettes are becoming more and more popular as traditional tobacco cigarettes become less accepted in society.  NJOY cigarettes are one of the models of e-cigs that are helping to revolutionize how smokers enjoy the habit, albeit a much safer one for all. E-Cigs do not contain the toxins that are found in traditional tobacco.

How Do the NJOY Electronic Cigarettes Work?

NJoy electronic cigarettes are one of the popular electronic cigarette brands on the market. They look, feel, and taste similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette, but do not contain the carcinogens that you find in traditional tobacco smokes. They accomplish this by creating a vapor mist that contains nicotine and tobacco flavoring in order to give you the same feeling as smoking a traditional cigarette without the risks associated with the additives found in tobacco.

How Long Does the NJoy Electronic Cigarette Battery Last?

The NJoy e-cig’s battery will normally last approximately three days before needing to be recharged. For heavy smokers, the battery could be run down in as little as one day. When the NJoy battery starts to run low on charge an indicator light will blink rapidly when its ready to be recharged. Regular smokers of NJoy are recommended to carry an additional battery with their travel kit just in case.

What Flavors of E-Cig Cartridge Are Available with NJOY?

NJoy electronic cigarettes come in several different flavors to include: Apple, Menthol, Strawberry, Tobacco, and Vanilla. The nicotine strength for their cartridges varies from regular (at 18 mg nicotine) to Zero when you are choosing what strength of nicotine you desire for your NJoy electronic cigarette.

Do You Save Money with NJoy Electronic Cigarettes?

As with most electronic cigarette brands, you will pay a little more up-front to get started with the NJoy electronic cigarette, but on average if you smoke a pack a day, you will save approximately $1,100 per year if shifting to NJoy e-cigs. This assumes that you will spend about $2,100 a year on traditional tobacco smokes with the equivalent amount of NJoy e-cigs costing you about $1,000 USD.

NJoy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The NJoy Electronic cigarette starter kit is the NCIG kit. The NCig starter kit is what is called a “Pen” styled kit and is a little longer than NJoy’s NPRO kit. When you buy their starter kit you get:

NCIG NJoy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

NCIG NJoy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

1 – NJoy electronic cigarette (white color)
4 – 4 Refill cartridges (each is equivalent to 1.5 packs of traditional tobacco)
2 – 3.6 V rechargeable lithium batteries
1 – Battery charger

NJoy Electronic Cigar

For the cigar lover, NJoy also carries an electronic cigar. The cigar starter kit is similar to their e-cig kit, but it looks just like a traditional cigar. When you buy NJoy’s e-cigar you get:

NJOY Electronic Cigar

NJOY Electronic Cigar

1 – NJoy Cigar
2 – Medium strength refill cartridges
2 – 3.6V rechargeable lithium batteries
1 – Battery charger
2 – Protective tip covers

NJoy Electronic Cigarettes

NJoy Electronic Cigarettes

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